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Hey all.

I am 887 equipped DH Tank and seeing if (although im apprehensive) there is any interest out there for a tank. My prog has somewhat been thwarted by constant absentees of raiders and lack of any progression raids happening. This being as said I am 4/7m and have been raiding cutting edge level since Cata.

I am looking for a mythic raiding guild who are looking to push progression and aim for cutting edge. Ideally 3 days per week due to real life events and having a family. I have a 100% attendance record, but again real life events may occasionally happen so please bear this in mind.

I am open to realm transfer, but would consider this carefully and would look for the right guild.

If you want a chat to find out more add me on bnet MacStabby#2855
OG Feedback is recruiting a tank

7/7 mythic EN 2/3 mythic ToV

2 days/Tuesday and Wednesday 19:00 - 23:30 server time

Go to for more information and Apply :D

Hey Macillidan,

Reading through your post it sounds like you have been in the same boat we were just before Xmas!

<Uprising> 4/7M 3/3 HC is a horde based guild on defias brotherhood. Progress for the past few months has been slow due to a lack of roster size and the holidays but we came back this week with a more stable roster and killed dragons mythic in 2 pulls and have a 2% wipe on ilgy after 1 night on him.

The guilds main goal is to achieve cutring edge each tier, after achieving it throughout WoD we are all fired up to hit nighthold hard!

At uprising we mostly consist of players in their 20s who have work or family commitments and we believe you dont need to put WoW before everything to achieve cutting edge. That being said I do very much like your attendance record!

You may also be thinking "oh damn they have a tank spot that means they lack tanks!! Guild is doomed I tells you!!" Going into nighthold we do have 2 very reliable good tanks, however tank life was forced upon them and the chance to go back to dps would make them very happy!

I can give you a lot more info via bnet chat or on TS/Discord if you think we might be a good fit! You can add me with Rath#21248

Thank you both for your replies. I will look to have a chat with you guys later today to both get further info and so you guys can also gauge me as an individual.

@Fox I don't take anything for granted, that's what has landed me in the mess I am currently in. But I do have a habit of researching guilds, past progression levels, logs etc ;) Pretty much everything I would expect a guild to be doing with me.
Hey mate, we are 5/7 mythic with most of our progress on cenarius done. Our DK tank is leaving due to real life stuff. We are looking for someone to help with the last couple of weeks of EN and be part of the team and ready to compete for top spot on the server with NH. If you are interested get in touch.



or if you want to check us out: tip-guild.com
Have a look here buddy:


We might just be what you're after. You can also add me at: yegermister#2511 if you want to have a chat! :)

We might be looking for a tank if the right person appears!
Just a quick post to say im still considering and welcome any further interest.
Hi there!
Obscura Legio is on Darkmoon Faire and is recruiting more player for expand our mythic team. We reached the min number for it during last month and we pushed our progression to EN 4/7 M and ToV 3/3 hc. You can find more info on us here
but I really would like to have a chat with you coz we are really in need of a good and reliable hunter since we have only 1!
Our raid are on Mon-Wed-Thu, 20.20 - 23.30 server time.
I really hope to have a chat with you! My btag Foug#21464

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