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Join us live on Twitch Thursday, January 12 at 8:00 p.m. CET, as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit for our next live developer Q&A, where he will be answering your questions on Brawlers’ Guild, Micro-Holidays, Timewalking, and Professions. You can tune in to the Q&A live at:

Please use this thread to submit your questions. As a reminder, we would like to keep the questions short so we can make sure we get to as many questions as possible, so please keep your questions to 40 words or less.

We’re really looking forward to getting the chance to dive in and answer as much as we can on Brawlers’ Guild, Micro-Holidays, Timewalking, and Professions, so we hope to see you Thursday at 8:00 p.m. CET!
Uhh i foresee many comments about classes and legendaries... wuUUUUHH!! So scary :)
vanilla timewalking, when?
Could we see leveling micro-holidays in the near future? A 1-2 day event ,where leveling is heavily rewarded, could create some great experiences much like the starting week of an expansion.
Why do I have a feeling that maxing professions do not provide any benefits? I love rang system & quests to unlock everything but after that there is an empty space.
1. Are there any thoughts on adding legendary as craftable gear that would require a lot of investment?

2. What's the team's opinion on making "LFR-Normal" Difficulty timewalking raids as a que-able event for resources/recoloured old tier sets?

3. Are there plans for professions to provide a unique gameplay experience similar to how engineering used to give you slowfall in instances?
Why dont you let Holy Paladins wear shields?

I like healing. I leveled my pally by only healing dungeons from 15-100, but since i cant wear my Royal Crest of Lordaeron, wheres the point in playing holy?
1) Whats going on with professions.
I understand that rank 3 for mining is hard to get but i can't get rank 2 for Infernal Brimstone.For past 4 months since legion release i finished most if not all quest with infernal brimstone and i am still siting on rank 1.Please fix it

2)Joining with question - what hapened with shields for paladins

3)Please make mythic+ modifiers more balanced for each class
For example holy paladins got really serious problems with overflowing.For other healers this modifier is less punishing.For example mobs at 10+ and higher mythics can one hit player for 80% hp.How the hell can i bring him up fast.Holy shock can be on cd and martyr is not strong enough.Lay on hands can work but often if ends with 10 milion overhealing shield.Please make some cap on overhealing - like shield equal to max hp, or exclude lay on hands from overhealing
What is your plan on balancing MM hunter since so many items affect affect CD of trueshot especially the boots?
What are your plans when it comes to keeping crafting gear up to date? While it was great for some time, it is starting to lose its flare and power as the expansion goes on.
Not to ruin your life guys but do you know that asking him about the class balance is stupid and they are not even gonna pick those questions?xD
As of 7.1.5 legendary ring For MM hunter is a dps loss, is there any plan to improve MM hunter legnedaries (ring/bracers)?
09/01/2017 18:40Posted by Nephos
Not to ruin your life guys but do you know that asking him about the class balance is stupid and they are not even gonna pick those questions?xD

This happens every Q&A... Don't know why they keep doing it, because it has never really had an effect.
Nephos - wiem o tym ale jak nie drzwiami to oknem
Nephos -i know but every way to inform blizzard that something is wrong can help
Will you be tuning brawler's guild to a specific item level or will it scale (more alt friendly)? If tuning for item level, which will be required?
Any plans of making it more prestigious to get max lvl in a proffesion? Right now there is not a big difference between max lvl and not max lvl when it comes to quality of gear.
Why do you continously try your best at making Classes worse? People like Sco (12 Years of just Warrior) is now rerolling because of your changes, i cant find a single one that actually likes your insulting Protection Warrior Changes for example.
Are there any plans to retune timewalking? We have 2x-3x the damage we had in WoD and even back then it was pretty easy, now it's total faceroll.
1) Are crafting professions going to be made useful?
2) Are all the low random chance parts of professions going to get reviewed?
3) Any plans for Vanilla Timewalking?
4) With so many weekly events available now, is there any chance of running the timewalker events weekly in addition to the other events?
Do you guys have any plans on fixing the tab targeting? There is problem in dungeons like karazhan where tab targeting becomes unsafe to use.

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