The most hilarious & funny guild names

What are some of the most hilarious & funny ...or even weird guild names that you've ever encountered or know(n)....or had even World of Warcraft? :)
tweet holinka
Uldum Hockey Team
Exalted with yourmother
I saw in timewalking player's guild show name
"We knew RL girls"
'You Are Not Repaired'
'Naga please'
'The Legend of Meh'
'At least we have stables'

I can't remember if they wrote it in a different way, but it was funny as hell and probably the most optimistic PvP guild I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
*fun is for casuals* made me laugh
thunder bluff steakhouse
Fat kids can't LoS
<I have the perfect body>
Saudis in Audis
The Divinci Kodo
I just had to join mine lol. It goes especially well with my Demon Hunter.
Veni Vidi Wipe made me chuckle when I saw it
There is a pvp guild called <Fat kids Easy to kite>
Heya Healarious!!

I remember a guild called Blackrock Tan back in TBC. I had to giggle everytime I saw them around :)
<General Goods> and <Innkeeper> were quite cute when I saw them :>
<Aspect Of The Spack>

Perhaps only brits will understand this.

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