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Emerald Dream / Terenas
Fighting Mongooses have a long and varied history. Formed in April 2007, we're a primarily social guild who have also flirted with raiding, PvP and generally overachieving over the years. We even levelled to 25 twice, back when guild levelling was a thing!

We currently raid twice per week. With a dedicated progression session on Monday, and a more relaxed run on Wednesday. impromptu events and dungeon runs are happening all the time in between!
We also enjoy various social escapades such as playing overwatch, hearthstone, minecraft and a ton of other games together as well as fun events, both in games and out.

We have a mix of genders, ages, races, nationalities, sexual orientations, etc etc etc and do not tolerate creepy or otherwise harassing behaviour.

Current Activity days:
Monday, 21:00 - 23:00 and Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 are our current raid schedules. Some guildies tend to leave after an hour or join in late due to work/RL stuff, and that's fine. We can usually find a space for people :)

What we want
- Nice friendly people. That's basically it. If you can tick off anything else from this list it's a bonus.
- People who say hello and goodbye, and make the effort to get to know us
- People who think to ask in guild chat before complaining about how boring it is running heroics in pugs
- People who socialise on the guild discord / FB page / whatever
- People who enjoy hunting achievements, running retro raids, that sort of thing
- Pet and mount collectors
- People who want to raid casually, as well as people who have no interest in raiding and just want to chat and derp around
- Altoholics. We all love the Altohol here!

In terms of raiding . . .
- People who truly want a casual guild, even if it means that occasionally a raid will be cancelled due to everyone having BBQs that day or a tank's kid getting sick or whatever
- Raiders who enjoy running in a relaxed group that gets on and has fun, even if that means progress is a bit slow
- People who can obey our few common sense raid rules such as knowing vaguely what most of your buttons do and coming prepared with flasks / knowledge of the fight
- People who are fine with starting off in normal mode progression but would like to move on to heroic (eventually).

What we don’t want
People who rage, complain about the game, and generally put others down in groups. Elitists. People who will freak out if we can't run a Mythic group one night because it's the grand final of the HS tournament or we're playing something else. Anyone who believes guilds are largely unnecessary and that guild spirit and pride are "silly". People who couldn't be bothered to read this far.

How to apply
The best method of contact is to have a chat with one of our officers directly, either in game, or via our discord server:


You’re looking for the following people either way:
Artulla (Art) - Battlnet tag: Pranksterbit#2909
Maxxi - Battlenet tag: Macks# 2169
Izune - Battlenet tag: Izune#2269
Teth - Swampy#2200
Kazsin - Kazsin#2997
Quick update:

We're now 7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10H and 8/9N, just about to step foot in to ToS Heroic whilst still maintaining the core of what makes the guild unique.

So if you're interested in joining a genuinely nice bunch of people for fun in and out of game no matter what your focus, badger one of the people in Art's post above or contact an officer in game or on discord.
Another update:

We have cleared normal ToS, and are currently at 5/9 on Heroic.

We are always on the lookout for awesome people that gel well with what Fighting Mongooses offer. Please have a natter with us if you're interested!
update time:

We are now at 6/9 heroic!

Our Doors are still open to people interested in joining us. Everyone is welcome, However Tanks and Healers are preferred...and DPS...
Yeah, Everyone is welcome!
HI there,
I am making a new character on your realm. I have to say what you said seems really nice.
I do not play as much as I used too, yet I really do miss the social side of wow. The nice people you can meet, and even just the hello's in guild chat..... I have not really found the game as social as it was back in Wrath days.
I am from the UK myself and I am a chatty and social guy.
Generally I do not give my battle net out so much anymore for various reasons. Yet I would be interested. That is if you do mind a low level character leveling on a new realm?

Thanks :)

if you fancy a chat but don't want to give out your btag then hop on our discord and grab an officer... Details are in Art's post above!
still recruting for bm hunter 240 Ilvl for bfa ?:)

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