Botting news

In a story not much covered in English, Blizzard won a court case against everybuddy's favourite destructive nuisance in WoW.

The well-known bot-makers may now have to move their operations out of Germany.

Feeling the pressure of repeated banwaves and now legal costs, as well as an adverse verdict, they have announced that their "Lifetime" botting licences are only for the lifetime of the version, or for two years. This means that a great many botters have to fork out again immediately if they want to continue using the bot.

The resulting outcry on their forums is worthy of a better cause.

I'm sure we are all too high-minded to stop by, and chuckle, and gloat, but I'm sure any of the lesser-spirited among us with a bag of popcorn know where to find the salt.

Congrats Blizzard! Keep it up!
just because Blizzard bans bots in so slow pace, i earned in couple last days whole 2 prestige levels (from 5 to 7) just by killing bots infront MoP instances

i demand a title for it - Botslayer
Can I demand Grainne as future War Correspondent to -everything- that happens, as that was a pretty awesome summation
Glorious were our numbers, Ælfwynn.

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