PTR Development Notes - Build 23445

7.2 PTR General Discussion
With this week’s build, we’re still focusing largely on stability and the content that was added last week. We’re also opening the first of 7.2’s PvP Brawls – Southshore vs. Tarren Mill. If you were around for our 10th Anniversary Celebration a couple of years ago, you’ll recognize this brawl, but it could use some additional testing to make sure everything’s working properly in the 7.2 environment.

Assuming testing goes well this week, we’re hoping to open up a large amount of 7.2’s major content for testing next week, including:
  • The Broken Shore (you’re able to see a little bit of what we’re planning currently on the PTR, but there’s a lot more story and systems to come)
  • New World Quests
  • New Artifact Traits (including a short quest line to unlock them)
  • The Legionfall faction
  • New additions to the Order Hall campaign
  • Plus several other bits of open-world and/or solo play content

The new dungeon and raid will not be available for testing at that time – that will come later. We’ll share more details as PTR development continues.

Thanks for the Information.
Are some Class changes/Adjustments included?
Brief update: we've encountered an issue with this build which is preventing us from actually pushing it to the PTR. We're still hoping to get it out this week, but it'll be tomorrow at the earliest.
Please, include some class changes too! Demon hunters and mist weaver monks are way too strong, and frost dk single target dps is unfairly decreased ! Alot of death knights including me are really frustrated about the latest changes, to the point we think of rolling a different spec.
Will a working MacOS client be coming with the new build?
Please check Holy priest, we need a buff on most of healing spells.

Also T19 4 parts bonus is totally useless and comparing with other
healers we have the worse tier.
when is ptr coming back on?
Start the server
Comon Blizzard. I dont have all day..

Well yes I do, Im just a lonely guy...
I want to play world of warcraft
Сегодня к тестовым мирам нет доступа!
Вот интересно когда будет доступ!!!
Anyone know what time they will be up?
Pls go up soon
Интересно, они пофиксят Баг с ДХ, у них там с горнило баг, у людей спрашивал, это, говорят это тема у близзов
We've resolved the build issue and the PTR should now be live. Happy testing!
Error #0 (0x85100000) Assertion failure!
Why i can copy char from Russian server ?
Create a name in the Latin.

When repaired enchantment and spraying???

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