<H> Frozen Wrath - Antorus 3/11 (M) 11/11 (H)

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[quote="176154692350"]Hello Saetharia

i have a Blood DK
i'm going to lvl him up as soon as possible.
I´m have a lot of spare time so i can play a lot:)

I have some dps characters too
Hey, you can add my btag and we can have a chat, though I must say that we are currently full for tanks.
Bump, still looking for more healers and ranged dps
still recruting need healers and relable dps!
prio class as healer / priest/shaman
Still looking for ranged dps and healers.
Still could use more ranged DPS, also considering Warriors (fury/arms)
still recruting range dps and healers
melee dps considered : warrior
Still recruting need more range dps and healers building roster for Antorus !
Still recruting need more range dps and healers building roster for Antorus !
Still looking for more ranged DPS for Antorus!
Still recruting Range dps
Hpaladin healer
still need a mist ?
Hello, I came back after a half year break just to find out that my guild was gone, Im more of a social/casual player not really that much into mythic, but wouldnt mind to do some.

What can I offer?

Im a friendly and chatty player who will always help someone in need, ex mythic raider with huge class knowadge and always prepared.

Destruction Warlock

As said, came back to WoW few days ago, but no worry I can boost my ilvl/traits up if needed.

If you need more details feel free to add me;

Still recruiting (mainly) ranged players and hpala!
Still looking for a holy paladin!
Come join our progress!!!
Got a guardian druid, I'd love to bring for you guys, followed by a icely geared hunterand mage. Check logs, wowprogress and armory :)

Stork - Guardian
Starstork - Hunter
Storkie - Mage
Hey, add out btag or whisper myself or Ancienthoof in game. :)
Still looking for a holy paladin
On the look out for ranged DPS and Holy Paladin.
Starting mythic on reset!

Socials always welcome!

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