Issue of Windwalkers : a weapon matter

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I finally got my relic on Etraeus
So happy to boost my weapon by +10 ilvl !

got +7K dps on simcraft.......
I just want swords back as a transmog, looked amazing having 2 swords on the back always, you cant even see the fist weapons....
Looks like the only thing missing on PTR is the Balance part (which should, I hope, represent many changes)

Let's hope the WW issue is finally solved ...
It is an astute observation that Windwalker has very little scaling with its weapon DPS. It's not something we have a short-term fix for, and we recognize the problem relating to relic choice. Longer-term, it's probably best for us to reevaluate the difference between weapondamage-based attacks and AP-based attacks entirely, and what purpose it serves.

To be clear, being focused mostly on AP-based attacks doesn't impair your overall scaling with ilvl--your AP still increases in the correct proportion as you upgrade all of your items. It just means that weapons make up less of the pie (and armor fills up more of it) for Windwalker compared to other specs. It would be nicer to clean this all up so that weapons were consistently important on all specs, and so that we didn't run into things like the relic choice issue.
thanks for the answer
Also, I gotta say the bonus primary stats on March of the Legion is a decent fix to the best exemple of the legendaries issues I wrote about. Katsuo's nerf might seem deserved but current version is too weak, and we will need a buff to compensate.

Coming back to my original post :
Since the beginning of Legions, many players and logs showed this scenario :
We reach lvl 110, get to decent ilevels (850/860 at that time) :
- monk is doing very good, many players actually shouting out loud the spec is OP (Mythic + plays a role there as monk has always been great there)
-EN launches, most players are still not very high ilvl : monks is doing good
weeks pass on ...
WW monks fall in terms of dps, to the very depths of rankings, without any surprise many players at that time come on forums to complain about this issue, the link with a bad ilvl scaling is often made (bad legendary stats are less denounced)
N.B : yes, EN was mostly single target fights, and that was also a cause of WW bad performances there, but still we did good at start compared to other specs.
-7.1.5 then Nighthold launch : monks get decent buffs, and the T19 bonuses look very good. In addition, nighthold fights include a lot of phases where we can cleave, which we excel at.
Weeks pass on, monks still fall in the relative dps rankings but stay overall average thanks to our good T19 bonuses and cleave fights. Not surprisingly, we get to the depths of dps rankings on pure singletarget fights (check out Krosus logs).

This situation isn't actually bad, but I'm afraid with the ToS release, when ilvl will keep on climbing, when we won't equip our T19 anymore (need to analyze T20 bonuses when they are final), when we'll see our BiS legendaries hardly nerfed, where we don't know if fights will include many cleave phases, we shall be really bad if we don't get any buffs to compensate like we received in 7.1.5. This is why I think monk scaling should get an in-depth review (much maths), considering the weapon impact. In the aim that us, WW monks, each tier release, don't fear to fall far behind, and you developers and designers don't need to calculate accurate buffs for the spec

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