So...what DON'T you like about Legion?

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I dislike Mythic being pushed everywhere.
Yes, I get it, dungeons are good... I just don't want it shoved in my face every 5 seconds.
I also dislike the Legendary system... The system should give us tokens which we can then spend on the item we want.
I am one of the people with 2 utility legendaries(One of which I outright refuse to use), probably going to get a third one next.

Other than that, Nomi... !@#$ that Panda prick.
Serious answer; the huge focus on higher difficulties of group content. There are things like professions and main storylines that are gated behind dungeons and raids outside of the LFG tool. I've only done normal raids a few times, for a number of reasons, and could probably be counted as a 'casual' player. It sucks for us.
02/02/2017 00:37Posted by Severis
Serious answer; the huge focus on higher difficulties of group content. There are things like professions and main storylines that are gated behind dungeons and raids outside of the LFG tool. I've only done normal raids a few times, for a number of reasons, and could probably be counted as a 'casual' player. It sucks for us.

I see why, to encourage group play, but if you have to do 5 or more dungeon quests, ontop of having to do them on every alt of you, then you really dont even want to be a burden to anyone helping you.

If this was only 1 quest per Character, i could see how they want to encourage Group play, but this is simply insane and unfun.
2v2 balance,lacking a solo ranked quene and not being very alt friendly (at least make prestige account wide, as if anyone is ever going to max it on multiple characters, come on!)

also i strongly believe that there should be some artifact point 'spill-over' to off specs, like 10% of the AP you spent on a weapon would also be applied to other weapons

thankfully i like way more things than i dislike
Gearing. - Good gear is no longer a display of skill (completing the current hardest content in the game) but is now an rng titanforge lottery system (time investment) Gear has always been a core element in the wow experience and the current state isn't compatible with my view on the mmorpg genre.

Legendaries. - They are not legendary and are frustrating if you do not own the one you want.

Mythic +. - I very much enjoyed the old challenge mode system. Getting gold wasn't particularly hard to do but required you to have a clean run on a fixed (scaled ilvl) difficulty.

Currently these dungeons provide little to no incentive to be ran at higher lvls than 15. The random affixes change the difficulty tremendously and as players get gear the levels inflate and past accomplishments are meaningless.

The overwhelming majority of runs are ran well within player comfort zone and that means heavily overgearing and chainpulling in the dungeons with the quickest cleartime for AP/hr. This is not fun or engaging but rather repetetive and dull. I like halls of valor, I think its a great dungeon sadly it doesn't see much play because its not as rewarding and that's a fundamental issue with the system.

I would love to see a system in which the scaling was not affecting the mobs but the player. A m+ where your gear is scaled down to a certain ilvl. Where the emphasis is on doing a clean run. I also would like to see the weekly cashe be a reward based on your average completed across all dungeons (forcing you to run all of them) not just maw.
1-Legendary (no need for more talk on this. Even blizz know it sucks).

2-Extreme RNG (or cheat by blizzard to abuse people and make them spend unreasonable time paying ). Good player or those who put the time are not rewarded at this gambling game.

3-Class Tuning (They can't seem to be able to do the job on this expansion) They nerf then they buff and then nurf again to buff later and after months you still don't know where your damn class will stands in few days.

4- Gold cost for the game (potions and other consumables are expensive and unless you want to spend all your time competing with the pro AH freaks who will undercut you a second after you post something, there is no way to make gold to cover this.
- Pug leaders who threat players like tools ("failers inta kick")
- Pug leaders who wants "big d*ck dps" and like 880+ for +2 runs
- Pug leaders who demands achies and high itemlvl, but they dont have them themselves
- Noomi (i seriously become panda racist soon)
- Toxic , rude players (minority but they unfortunetly are)
- Bot-farmers
- Kirin Tor emisary quests

But before anything else its still amazing game and im very happy to may play on it.
1. Legion being very alt unfriendly

2. Forcing dungeons and other similar content without finders on you if you want to progress further with quests etc.

3. Legendary system maybe
1. Legendary system by far.

2. Unfriendly alt/off-spec, cause of legendary's

3. Huge change of gameplay for a class, which makes good legendarys turn into bad one's

4. Titanforged

5. No more competition on WoW logs, cause of legendarys and titanforged

6. Blizzard not listening to their community.

7. Weekly chest reward which is another slot machine story from the 19 chest I openend since this started only 2 good items came from it.
Random legendaries. The legendary drop should have been a token of some kind, letting the players choose which one you would like.
Retarded achievement grind for world flying, artifact power grind, templates and honor talents.
legendary system
professions (gathering and crafting)
mythic +
useless rewards
Kinda dislike how WQ dont really reward anything nice after u get to a certain ilvl ... since u can get Orderhall resources via bloods or even mats ect ... and even gear stops at a certain level.

Only thing i feel like i need to do when i log in is missions collect Artifact knowledge and que more and raid M+ is nice but gear is rare to give you upgrade and higher level is a stress with pugs (i'm in a guild i like).
Legendary RNG system.
No reforge system (it was cool in cata, come on, bring it back to life), so 99% of drop goes to d/e.
Rep grind, rep grind for everything, grind...
even more grind....
I want t.... GRIND!
Class balance.
Bugged as hell Kirin Tor WQs.
What I dislike the most, is the fact that they are obviously moving WoW to the direction of D3, which killed the latter game entirely. Having "progressively difficult" dungeon content in the form of M+, and randomized loot with no clear BiS for any spec leaves too much for RNG and makes endgame a grindfest.

I personally loved the WOTLK/Cata gear system, whereby players would earn tokens by doing heroics/raids, and even if you were the most unlucky, miserable person on the realm, but you could PUG Marrowgar every week, and do heroics daily, you would eventually be able to purchase your tier set, allowing you to progress further. Now, it's totally random. I haven't done a lot of raiding in legion, as I have returned to WoW after like 5 years, but from what I've seen, it seems like it's all about doing M+ 24/7, and hoping that you get a nice roll.

I also absolutely and truly despise Suramar. It's the most overcrowded zone I have ever seen, and you can't take two steps without aggroing half the zone. With flying not being available and swimming being painfully slow, any time you get killed, you have to spend half an hour looking for your corpse.

World Quests are bounties from D3 rehashed. They are the same bull, you hate them, but you are forced to do them if you want gear (mats, whatever).

I also find it quite funny how back in the day every "hardcore" wow player was moaning about how !@#$ty Guild Wars was, and how instancing everything was a nonsense idea and how it takes away everything that makes an MMO good. Now, two thirds of the content, quests, areas, etc. is phased, and even when the game mechanics forces the players to have any sort of meaningful interaction (dungeons), players just go out of their way to skip half the mobs (which usually results in them aggroing everything and the tank ragequitting), do not even say hello, and rush throgh the entire thing to get it done. In Cata. The player community is becoming more and more pitiable each expansion it seems.

29/01/2017 23:46Posted by Gitmix
Insane inflation due to Blizzard selling gold. WoW Tokens are a f***ing disgrace, shame on you Blizz.
Otherwise I like the expansion.

absolutely right. In D3, they had the same !@#$ under the rubric of "real money auction house" but eventually realized it was a piss-poor idea and removed it entirely. Hopefully they will do the same here.
Legendary and there is too much RNG on loot.
1. Nomi

2. The massive rng of warforge / titanforge. Blizzard removed reforging because they said that they want you to feel happy when you get an upgrade.. Now it is a feeling of 'Oh cool an upgrade... Shame it didn't titanforge'.
Professions still sucks.. Professions need their perks back. We also need the old gear sockets and enchants.

Secondary stats blow... We needs also primary stats in Rings/Neck.

Removal of glyph sucks.

New BRM and sub rogue blows.

PvE class design being very unrelated to PvP hurts the game.

LFR being still at WOD easiness also suck.

Warforge... Titanforge.... Remove this RNG nonsense.

Single Bar design... Just stop with the pruning.

Most importantly stop making the game like Diablo......

The problem with WoW that its playerbase became a returning type playerbase just like Diablo playerbase. They return for new season/expansion and then they shortly leave again. For a F2P game like Diablo it is no biggie, for a game like WoW it is costing Sub money...

This happened simply because Blizzard chose to follow free to play model that is in Diablo and implement whatever they can implement in WoW (Over simplified class, bounty, Legendary, RNG gear, Diablo professions, New talent tree, etc)!! . .. They are losing tons of sub money and they still cannot figure out what is going wrong...
Legendary system definitely. At base it is RNG, no matter is the devs say that you can work towards it by playing.

The hidden artifact appearances imbalance in acquisition. You can see how the hidden aspect is ruined if you are farming Eye of Azshara, everyday for a shield with eyes... since the beginning of Legion, yet I have not acquired the skin yet. I love the intricate ways to acquire other skins such as the Warlock heads or the Arcane Mage Polymorphing, but making some of them drop off bosses with very low chances, is just annoying. I especially feel bad for players who go on a fresh alt, who has to be exalted with a faction, to buy a item and also get a random drop from somewhere to combine the 2.

Balance of power artifact skins not being account-wide. I personally do not care about the AP from it, just would like the skins for all my characters. It also does not signify any value in my shaman for acquiring the skin, just that I had the patience to acquire 10 000 essences.

Entire team working on PvP aspect of the game needs to be fired.

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