Prestige Guide: Rewards and Advice

18/10/2017 11:29Posted by Ferodiin
2000 WQ that spawns every 8 hours

You must be crazy if camp this Quest every 8 hours, online for 24 hours.
1-2 a day / 500-1000 Honor is more realistic.

01/12/2017 08:17Posted by Igozz
nice updates blizz :^)


P19: AP Token
P20: 30 Honor Marks
P21: Titel: Bound by Honor
P22: Midnight Mount (Purple)
P23: AP Token
P24: 30 Honor Marks
P25: Title: Tactican
P26: Mount (Colour ?? Red maybe ?)
P27: AP Token
P28: 30 Honor Marks
P29: Title Legionary ( a GM told me, after this title was wrongly rewarded on P20 /honorlevel 49 and removed as S6 started. )
P30: Mount (Colour ?? Black maybe? )

Blizzad dont update the Prestige rewards, cause above p18 50% of the rewards are !@#$ty fillers, AP Token and Honor Marks nobody needs. They dont want show in public, they didnt designed enough rewards for the System.

I kind of like the "Flag-Toy" , cause the "Horn" at the top gone bigger each time. Doesnt any PvPPlayer want show who got the bigger one?

Why not a "Corpse-flag" as rewards, as there is a TGC one (Flag of Ownership) and WoD Collusseum Rewards for play (Flag of Aliiance, Horde) and Win (Flag of Warchief).
This Flags can be stomped on corpses of enemy players, would make a good PvP-Reward.
So, so useful!
New Prestige ranks and goodies?
Complete list of rewards (1-26):
No rewards for 1700+ Prestige lvl? Awww....

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