[H] Ascension 3/10 M 7/7 M. Recruiting!

Looking for Players – PvE
Currently we are looking for the following classes/specs:

Death Knight [High]
Demon Hunter [High]
Paladin [High]
Warrior [Medium]

Hunter [Medium]
Priest [High]
Shaman [Low]
Warlock [High]

Exceptional applications will always be considered, even if outside of our current recruiting interests.

Guild description

Ascension is an old guild that has been around since ulduar. In Legion the guild has been progressing through mythic content at a steady rate, but our progression haltered in Emerald Nightmare and it was decided to restructure the team in order to progress faster. This meant among other things, a new raid leaders, new raiding requirements, implementing role (tank, healer, melee, ranged) leaders to make sure everyone is performing well (and to assist their respective raiders with improving). The guild’s purpose is now to become horde first on the server, which means clearing mythic content in good time before the next release. We have already improved significantly as a team since the restructuring and we are now looking to bolster our roster with like-minded progression oriented players.

We raid three days a week, with a 66% attendance requirement, meaning if you can only make 2 days a week consistently, this might still be a team for you. The raiding days are as Follows:

Wednesday 20-23
Thursday 20-23
Sunday 20-23

We also have Friday Alt runs for those interested.

Due to our new goal we are using the loot method most beneficial to progression, loot council. Our loot council is based on votes and discussion by the role leaders and the raid leader. You will always be able to give input through adding a note when you select if you are rolling for main spec / minor upgrade.


Trials will be considered a normal raider for the duration of the trial, and will in most situations be considered on equal parts with everyone else. The trial period can last between 2-4 weeks.
During your trial you will be in close contact with your role leader on regard to improvements that can be made.

You can apply at ascensionguild.net
Please add Feroz#2517 or Eike#2145 in case you have questions before applying.
hello Farion,

are you guys interested in Blood/Frost DK ?
We would be interested in a frost DK. Feel free to give me a poke @ Eike#2145
Updated what we are looking for :)
Mythic progression starting next week, expectation of killing several bosses - time to join is now ;)
Now on 1/10 M more to follow soon!
Filled our monk position still looking for additional dps
2/10 M now, soon to be 3/10 ;P Still looking for more dps and a resto druid
Still looking for people to fill our dps slots
3/10 Mythic now! (:
Have space for a few more trials, please contact FeroZ#2617 if interested :)
Looking for 1 additional healer as well now, resto druid preferred but will consider other classes.
Still looking for some strong dps'ers, just started progressing on krosus.
Got openings on 4 dps spots, preferred classes above. Also considering 1 healer.
Come join us!

Feel free to ping any of us for info.

You can reach me directly at battle tag Gina#21853 or Discord GinaMarie#4018

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