Number of players on WOW !!!

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We don't know.

Financially WoW is doing better and better each year, but the bulk of that is from services, expansions and the in game store. Subscriptions have been dropping by millions every expansion since cata so...

Around 3.5 million world wide? Around 1 million in the EU. Possibly less seeing as Asia used to be their biggest subscriber base (Or at least that's what they said every time their subs dropped).
After the release of Legion Blizzard posted something like the most active players during the first weak since cata or something. So the subscribers probably spiked heavily at the start(8mio or something). but as always the subsciber numbers drop drasticly in the time after a new Addon. I would guess we are somewhere between 4 and 5 million but noone knows for sure.
Okay.. You were trying to get into something at 6am in the morning, some may not even be awake that time of the day or heading to school or work.

The game is healthy but the game industry has moved on since the time WoW first came out. There's a lot more competition for gaining gamers attention within each 24 hour slot. And when you look at things, most titles have moved onwards to embrace the newer technology better than this game has. (Due to whatever reason in not re-writing the entire engine again from scratch)

Look at this way, this game is still going on after so long. That's an achievement in itself really but you can't expect it to be as busy as it once was. Some people decide to move onto another game that's fresh what with atmospheric looks and play styles.

Is WoW perfect? Far from it but it's still managed to keep going for the time being. Will it last forever? I doubt it, the peak of the game has come and gone and unless there's a miracle somewhere in the future I can't see the game reaching 12m plus again.

Rushing through various stories didn't help matters at all, you really didn't have to win out right in every expansion you know. Or come to think about it within a patch. :p

The main problem for the game right now is as we're sweeping the last remaining enemies away, there does seem to be a lack of new potential threats that hasn't really been written down within the lore to keep the game going.

Once Legion is done, then old gods we pretty much only have Void Lords left and then that's it. So unless there's something hidden away somewhere we're pretty much on the end stretch now that will be played out with a few expansions.

World of Warcraft needs to take some time away so some can write up more lore, create more events within other games so that in the future another MMO may be able to come back again to fully tell the end stories of such events in another time, somewhere say... 10-25,000 years in the future, preferably after the Legion is dealt with.

But then 'All things must come to an end...'

Right now, enjoy playing the game. If you don't then try something else for a while. A change in scenery and all can help wonders before returning back. Don't have to play WoW nearly 24/7.
10/02/2017 09:12Posted by Dämonbeißer
Bliz made 2.5million dollors on make a wish by the players. So a few million players I would say plays this.

This is a really good point. Because that is a pure vanity item, most players wouldn't bother with...if they can still make 2.5M$, the game must be fairly healthy.

It would be nice if we had sub numbers too but certainly the sharding tech means the world feels alive.
As long as the game doesn't come to a point where it's difficult to find a group for the simplest things while playing in a high pop server, It doesn't matter to me.
10/02/2017 01:25Posted by Raisitlin
so me and my friend had a discussion on how many players currently playing on WOW, he said that around 10M or at least 6-8M, and i said in contrary that it doesnt seems realistic or logic, i QUED for RBG in 6AM and i had to wait 30 mins until ppl decided

Me and my friend had a discussion how many people inhabit our planet. He said around 7 billion. However, I went down to the street where my house is at 6AM, and waited 30 minutes but no one showed up.
Logic says that if they decided not to share numbers anymore, was because they were not good! When something good happens like more members at beginning of the expansion, they can't refrain from showing their happiness. So when they decide to hide information normally it's not glorious news they are hiding!
Subscribers were reported to be 10.1 million at September 30th.

"After the news last August that the game was down to only 5.6 million players (down from 10 million when Warlords of Draenor launched) it seemed like we might be on the downhill slope of WoW’s popularity — especially considering the fact that Activision-Blizzard stopped announcing subscriber numbers. But as of September, WoW is up to 10.1 million subscribers. It’s not unusual to see a big subscriber jump post-expansion, so the real question will be whether these gamers stick around — and whether Blizzard sticks to the idea of having more regular content patches to keep players interested."
New dalaran doesn't seem that populated because servers are "sharded" to create less lag. You find other players when you queue for a world boss
Stop necroing threads.
15/09/2017 10:29Posted by Caradin
Stop necroing threads.

It's not so old, and is still relevant to be considered a necro.
Whatever the current sub numbers are, that will change once they announce the next expansion, it will go up quite a bit then.
Once release comes around it will go up massively. Like it has before.

Then as the expansion goes on it drops off bit by bit until its low again, then picks back up a little during patches then a lot when the next comes expansion again.
threadnecromancer is necromancing thread. we need Turalyon to kill it with Light!
10/02/2017 15:23Posted by Kalinte
It's called sharding. The population is not just split across regions (US, Europe, Asia, whatever), realms in regions (there are 46 realm forums in EU), but within realm there are many copies of every zone. Or else whenever more players would log on, the game would be unplayable.

Odd.. it worked just fine from Release -> WotLK when there wasn't really any phasing or sharding or anything.

Everyone you saw were playing in the same world and in the same Realm.

I want that back.
My understanding is that the "10.1 million subscribers" quote is fake. Blizzard later stated that no such thing was said, and the actual wording was something along the lines of "more monthly active users than Cataclysm at launch", and the reputable journalistic establishment extrapolated that into numbers.

Oh wait, it's Polygon. HEH.

True enough, Blizzard stopped mentioning numbers, but they are a public company and therefore their shareholder releases are also public here:

Taking a read through these also doesn't give you any specific numbers, but it does give a few insights. The major problem with trying to read these numbers is that they're obfuscated behind the successes of Hearthstone and Overwatch, as Blizzard only report a single monthly active users value now, and both of these games have a lot of users. In fact, taking the numbers at face value, Blizzard's overall online community grows by a respectable amount every single quarter.

So lets dig in and see if we can find some useful numbers. We know factually that the last time Blizzard reported subscription numbers in Q3 2015, they were at 5.5 million. You can see that here:

[Q2 2016] "Blizzard had the biggest quarterly online player community in its history, with MAUs of 33 million, up 29% quarter-over-quarter and 13% year-over-year. This reflects the successful launch of Overwatch® and strength across the broader portfolio, including Hearthstone®: Heroes of Warcraft™, which had record quarterly MAUs, and World of Warcraft®, which had double-digit MAU growth quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year."

This implies that the population of World of Warcraft in Q2 2016 was a double digit percentage increase over Q2 2015. In Q2 2015, the population was 5.6 million players. A double digit percentage increase is anything between 10% and 99%, if this had been much higher than 25% you'd have expected them to use different wording. This means the population of World of Warcraft at this point was at least 6.1 million.

[Q3 2016] Blizzard launches Legion, reports the launch is "as successful as Cataclysm" - also reports that their overall community including Overwatch has doubled in size over the last 2 years. Legion sold 3.3 million copies on day one. This implies that in Q3 2016, WoW had at least 3.3 million subscribers (why would you buy it if you didn't want to play it?)

If you compare this against the other WoW expansions launched:

WoW Legion – 3.3 million
Warlords of Draenor – 3.3 million
Mists of Pandaria – 2.7 million (first week)
Cataclysm – 3.3 million
Wrath of the Lich King – 2.8 million
Burning Crusade – 2.4 million
World of Warcraft – 240,000

[Q4 2016] "World of Warcraft® MAUs grew 10% in 2016 and over 20% year-over-year in the fourth quarter on the back of the successful third-quarter launch of the expansion, Legion™"

Not actually entirely sure how to read this statement, since we've already established they had a 10% increase this year due to Legion. Since it says the fourth quarter is 20% up year on year, that implies that the population is at least 20% higher than the 5.5 million confirmed subscribers from the last factual announcement. This is in line with the existing 6.1 million guesstimate and would leave the subscriber count at 6.6 million approximate.

[Q1 2017] This report seems to be very careful about not mentioning MAUs and World of Warcraft in the same sentence. It starts focusing on time spent in the game, which is out of line with how Blizztivision normally report their successes. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that the subscriber numbers tanked hard, but they weren't bothered because sales of in game services increased by 25%.

[Q2 2017] Again, this report is very careful to not mention MAUs and World of Warcraft in the same sentence, again using the "time spent in game" metric to use all the people who AFK in Dalaran to bolster their numbers. All the positives in this release are about Overwatch.


So in conclusion? Well, Legion made the game super popular for a brief moment of time and then the subscriber numbers began their usual "duration of the expansion" decline. This is not really new, it happens every expansion. The next expansion will likely see similar sales and a similar peak in users along with a "woo look at all of our growth" in the quarterly results before rejoining the same spiral.

The good news from looking at all of this? Well - take a look at those day one expansion purchase numbers. They're nearly rock solid. The game has reliably had 3 million subscribers that purchase the expansions the second it's available. This is a good thing. 3 million reliable subscribers is amazing for any MMO. 3 million subscribers is beyond healthy. Sure, it's not 12 million, but go look for another game that has had 3 million people paying and playing it for nearly two decades - you won't find one.
Right now 2.5-3.5 million players imo. The real numbers were probably close to 4-5 million when this thread was made though.
Blizzes amount of subscribtions is on google, "finacial state of blizzard company", it gives a number of 10mil subscribtions, on ALL their games. not WoW only. They did slighty better in second quarter financially of 2017.
judge by the people you see is totally irrelevant, nearly all zones are phased, for example Dalaran might have a cap of 200 people so if in your server more than 200 people are in dalaran at the same time 2-X instances will be created.

This is rarely a problem, in fact is a QoL change, maybe there is a problem if you set up a big raid to assault stormwind for example, 500 people and you suddenly realize only 200 are in the same instance as you and there is a small raid of 30 that gets smashed and feel betrayed.

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