PvP Brawls With The Blues!

7.2 PTR General Discussion
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be jumping into 7.2’s new PvP Brawls on the Public Test Realm, and you’re invited to join us!

Several members of the World of Warcraft development, quality assurance, and community teams will be queuing for PvP Brawls between 12 AM and 2 AM CET every Friday night/Saturday morning, starting on February 3rd/4th and continuing through February 17th/18th. We know that's a bit late for our European friends, but if you’d like to join, simply log into the PTR and queue for a Brawl during that time.

Blizzard employees will be identified in game by their guild (either <Blizzard Alliance> or <Blizzard Horde>). We’re looking forward to having you fighting alongside us -- or sending us to the graveyard -- in the Brawls!
Oh you devs are in for a world of pain hehehe...
Lol queue still aint working, literally not enough players on PTR to test these brawls...

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