how accurate is this legendary calc?

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got linked this legendary calc, and i was curious how accurate it is, as i have 2992 kill points, and only 3 legendary items, so was curious if im having really bad luck or if its just not accurate.
Not very! Ran my DH through, told me I should have 3 legendaries (soon 4) and still just got 2.

Ran on all 3 chars. Only this one was "spot on". Both other have past their point for getting an other legendary a while ago.

I'm a firm beliver bad-luck-protection is BULL!@#$ ;)

Proberly getting legendary tomorrow in chest rather than ilvl900 item. %^-* this system!
31/01/2017 23:52Posted by Ilkbailk

got linked this legendary calc, and i was curious how accurate it is, as i have 2992 kill points, and only 3 legendary items, so was curious if im having really bad luck or if its just not accurate.

It's still RNG no matter how much bad luck protection you have so it means nothing really.

Edit: the calculator.
Seems pretty accurate on me.

Calculates me @1656 points, and says I should have received 3 legendaries @1225, seems pretty spot on. I got my third legendary a couple of weeks ago.

4th one should drop around 2100, will be interesting to see how precise it is.
Not much.

I was at 2400 KP as i got my 3rd. Same goes for my 2nd as i was at 1200 as i got it.

For the 1st one its pretty accurate, but after that it just gets more and more random. We had people with ~1200 KP and 4-5 Legendaries and me with 2300 and 2.
Was pretty spot on for all my characters at max level
so three of my four toons already passed the two-leggendaries milestone according to that thing, yet are still without.

and our druid is being sat at 2.4k point with that, shoudl be 4 legs, he has 5.
According to that thing my shaman should have two legendaries by now...and she has a grand total so I guess I should expect those two legendaries to drop tomorrow then...

RNG will be RNG and bad luck protection is just a lie to try keep us from just giving up and keep on playing.
Only got my 4th yesterday (at cca. 3,5k kill points)... According to this I should soon be getting my 5th... Doubt it though.
According to that I'm several legendaries overdue. I still have one.
it says i have 3 so far, but i have 5. so not gonna follow these kind of calculators. and so should all of you. do relevant content and go to sleep, hoping you would get one the next day.
oh i did some reading up on the calc and apparently those numbers are the numbers at which you have 50% chance of having got legendary and people can obviously get 2 in one day for example you have a 50% chance of getting 2 legendaries by 578 kill points, and a 70% chance by 790
Not very accurate at all. My main hasn't received one legendary as of yet, and according to this calculator, I should have three. (>'._.)>
If you had posted this yesterday afternoon, I might have said "perhaps", but from personal experience it's not accurate in my opinion.

I'd want to know WHERE in our own armory feed we can find these "killpoints". It seems more it's calculating how long you've been a 110 or something like it.

I take with a pinch of salt and a healthy dose of scepticism.
It got 3 out of 4 right for my characters. The one wrong is at 655 killpoints and should have 2, but only has 1. So I guess, they are in the right track, just not 100% spot on.

RNG is still RNG and bad luck can (and will) happen to some people and only Blizzard knows exact drop rates and how (or if) their bad luck protection works.

I wouldn't take the calc too seriously, but now that I know about it I'm gonna bookmark it to see how far off their guess will go for the next legendaries I get :)
Told me i should have 4, and i do.
1.6 k kp, only 2 legs.

Warrior past 1 leg breakpoint = no leg.
DH past 2 legs break point = 1 leg.

I call bs.
doesn't seem very accurate and at this point I'd rather PvP GM-s for legendaries than farm the bloody emissary bags
Its bs. I have 1177 killpoints. Tells me that i should have 2 legends, but i have 4 instead
It's a relatively accurate representation of the numbers that were collected in the study related to the calculator. It's just a model made to match the data, and the numbers you see next to the legendary numbers are average numbers in the data.

This could mean that someone with 800 KP would still hold only 1 legendary, and someone with 300 KP might have 2 legendaries. It should not be viewed as the number that guarantees obtaining one.

I have a guildie with 1000KP that has 4 legendaries, and I have 3 with 1700KP.

As for OP, I'm pretty sure you're in the bad luck category if you have still only 3. I hope you get your 4th one soon, and may it be a good one :)

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