I can't pick any fjarnskaggl.

I can't pick any fjarnskaggl.
I have herbalism 800 and rank2 fjarnskaggl, but i cant loot them. I can see on the map, i can gathering, but never finished, and never get a loot. I already wrote a bug report 2-3 weeks ago, but nothing change. The other flowers i don't have any problem, but i need this flower aswell for alchemy...
Anybody have the same problem?
Plenty of Fjarnskaggls are bugged out and have no loot in them so to speak at the moment.
There been plenty of reports of them, but no progress from Blizzard as of yet.
It's not just fjarnskaggl, all nodes currently get bugged sometimes for unknown reasons. I know because Im' currently farming rank 2 herbs of all types on an alt, and I running across a ton of foxflower, fjarnskaggl, and starlight roses that are bugged. havent farmed dreamleaf or aethril since I have those on 2 already, but undoubtedly it's the same there.

the bugged nodes stay for a LONG time as well. I have two foxflower ones in particular I ran across while farming yesterday and two days ago, and today they are still there. two foxflower nodes near the harpy region where the WQ has you destroy hexes and kill corrupted wildlife.

it's super annoying.
Half of the fjarnskaggl noddles cannot be looted, they dont disapear and its really pissing me off .. usually its about 2-3 noddes bugged but for last two days its almost every f**ing flower ... Any blue post on this?
Same for about half the starlight rose and leystone nodes around Irongrove Retreat in Suramar. Since it's a hot botting area I wonder did the extensive botting break the nodes.

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