[H] Draenor <Pub Train Conductors> 7/7M - 3/10M

Looking for Players – PvE
Pub Train Conductors - Draenor [H] PvE Guild

Our current progress is:: 7/7 (M) EN - 3/3 (H) ToV - 3/10 (M) NH

We’re currently looking for the last 3 - 4 stable slots to fill up our mythic roster and continue progress Krosus.

We consider most roles and classes.
Classes we are specifically interested in:
  • Healer: Holy Pally
  • Rdps/Mdps, Most ranged are considered, melee we are interested in a warrior
  • Brewmaster, with offspec dps
  • Any other classes are also welcome to apply, as we’re always on the lookout for exceptional players. Every application will be accompanied by a small team-speak chat afterwards

    We’re largely interested in people with 885+ ilvl and at least 40+ traits as we intend on pushing into mythic Nighthold Asap, however if you do not meet these requirements you shouldn’t count yourself out, as we do not solely base our decisions on a gear-check.


    We raid on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 server time.
    Raid times may be extended ~30min for progression purposes depending on the evening.

    These raids are all mandatory and we expect you to keep 100% attendance. However, we’re not vile enough to kick/Bench you, should you have a good reason for not attending.

    Monday/Tuesday raids may be added, but attendance here is not mandatory, although appreciated.

    We expect the following from you during raids:

  • You come prepared: Knowledge of tactics. Consumables.
  • You learn quickly from your own as well as others mistakes.
  • You know your class in depth and can carry your own weight.
  • You keep calm during progression wipes and don’t lash out at people.
  • You attend with a mindset of having fun, whilst slaying dragons.
  • Outside of raiding the guild is all about fun and banter. Usually we have 10+ people sitting in TS all day doing high m+s, random raids or simply just talk about everything. Occasionally these conversations may not be for the faint hearted, however we’re all very friendly and mainly here to have fun.

    Loot System

    We use RClootcouncil as our source for distributing loot. The council for every raid consists of the Raid leader, 2-3 officers and 1 randomly selected raider. These people then discuss and select who gets the items based on current gear/upgrades. previously obtained gear. Tier 2set/4set. specific best in slots. specific spec stat priorities.
    We prioritize our core raiders over trials and casual raiders, however you are not excluded entirely. We attempt to be as fair as possible, whilst prioritizing the guild progression as a whole.

    We hope you’re interested in becoming a part of and contributing to our semi-serious raiding environment, as well as take part in all of the laughter and banter that goes around outside of raiding, and that you can add some good old school hits to our music bot!

    If you have any further questions and/or concerns you’re more than welcome to contact us in-game for any clarification.

    Waldosap - Guildleader - DarkDustx#2359
    Bállgazer - Raidleader - Enezer#21511
    Pompernickel - Officer - JerryDerrie#2336
    Tulioo - Officer - Tulioo#2220
    Qristalx - Officer
    Imbis - Officer
    Ret pally considered as well
    Clears HC in 1 day with many titanforges, GG 10/10 guild

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