What's happened wow token price ?

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never will fork 20 euros for 200k gold.

i can get 2 battle pets and sell them for 150-200k each and get way more than the token.

unless u are a raider that constantly spends gold in consumables and enchants, there is no real gold sink flow and gold just keeps adding up.

people farming old raids to get the set achieves (god dam wrists) also see a nice income from selling trash, ToC25 gives 500g for 10mins of roleplay.

mission tables throw on average 2k each day easily (sometimes 2 missions per day so 4k)

bodyguard equipments, 75g (or 90 with all 3) each WQ "but its so low" well people do at least 6 brokenshore WQ + 4 normal WQ "each day at least" thats 750g (900g) daily right there from just playing the game.

and now back to raiding and consumables... smart players already leveled an alt for alchemy and herb to make their own pots and flasks and "save" tons of gold, so less gold is being spent.
you can even get all the mats u need from blood of sargeras which, if ur not a BS crafting mounts, will stackpile on ur bank.

the income of gold has been increasing a lot, you just need to reach for it.
19/05/2017 09:17Posted by Stormcloack
I do wonder how people played the game before the Token was introduced...

They maybe didn't. I have a friend that specifically started to play because the tokens were implemented.
SOmehow people who can't afford 12 euros a month are unable to comprehend that, perhaps, the luxury of this game is simply not for them. But i guess it takes time to realize that, then at times addiction blinds one to that realization.
Merge with russian realms.
Gulag bots everywhere.
Token shoots 5-6x.
World war 3 soon.
19/05/2017 10:17Posted by Linknl
Yes. WoW tokens where never suposed to replace the subscription. But it happenend.. Deal with it. Same with me. Yes i should get a job, And yes.. I am trying my best to get one that is better paid then deliviring mail (I just finished a theory study for Event Security.. I get my trial jobs real soon) Yes i am a freeloader, changing gold into gametime every month.. and i thank those that change their RL money into WoW gold everytime i do so.
(So.in before all the complains about ppl like me :) )

But this..this gold price..is ridicilous. Im not a great farmer.. I run cata raids on 4 toons weekly, i farm blood of sargeras every day and change them for mats wich i sell. It was always enough to get me by..untill the 1st raise. I was like..ow damm..thats gonna be hard... but i didnt give up. I continued saving and farming..and i decided that im going to take the 6 months i had..to get as much gold as possible..when there where 2 months left..i wanted to get myself 4 months, and then..well rinse and repeat..see how long i could hold. ( i got the 1 million gold mark just yesterday..and i can play till august..so not bad :) )

But now..this happenend.. Destiny 2..You can buy it for gold..ingame items for gold...and ofc, the price went up..big time..Now i can only buy 3 months and still have some gold left for raiding.. Blizzard (or Activision)..sorry to say it..but that sucks. You are slowly, but steady destroying WoW, and the monthly style of playing. If this keeps up, more and more players will quit the game. And go to the competion..games who are fully Free2play...or Buy to Play. Wake up before its to late.. Do something. Make WoW buy to play..Give the WoWtokens a steady price instead of ballancing it on demand and asking, give people a reward sometimes, or else you can just stop the WoW servers and prevent ppl from playing, because if you keep this up. The game. wich you won millions of players with, Changing the scenery of gaming forever is set on a path of destruction.. I still love WoW. and all other games Blizzard comes up with.. But this *Points at the whole WoWtoken/gametime* thing.. is well.. Rotten to the bone, outdated and a ticking timebomb.. Fix it..or let WoW die.. The choise is yours.

(sorry for bit dramatic here and there..but its how i feel)

1st- I think we need more dots!

2nd - This might sound scary and, possibly, unbelievable, but... There are other people in your situation (financial) that play WoW! Yeah! And an even greater surprise: some are even worse...

The difference is that they are better at farming gold than you are, so they can afford to pay a higher price for it.

What you are basically complaining is that you can't play the game for free... Well, that sucks, doesn't it?
19/05/2017 12:01Posted by Figurokill
They maybe didn't. I have a friend that specifically started to play because the tokens were implemented.

So you are sad that your friend can't play WoW for free?
19/05/2017 14:11Posted by Stormcloack
19/05/2017 12:01Posted by Figurokill
They maybe didn't. I have a friend that specifically started to play because the tokens were implemented.

So you are sad that your friend can't play WoW for free?

He can play for "free" and probably will for a long time.
Even tho I mostly still play because he plays, if he eventually couldn't play I wouldn't be sad. As much as I love the game, I honestly don't have a lot of motivation to play WoW alone.
07/02/2017 14:29Posted by Sapherea
Four words.


Seriously some people have no idea, that some people can't afford to pay sub every month, just like me. BUT HEY! Blizz don't care.

Don't play the game or get a (better) job.

This token is a bonus form Blizz. allowing some people to have some freedom in their payments. However, people seems to think they are entitled to it, they aren't.
Prior the token, you have no options, but now with options, people still complain...
I just don’t get why people constantly complain about the price of the tokens, and always aim their ire at Blizzard – they don’t set the price, it’s simply supply vs demand. More people are buying the tokens over the last day or so, so the price has risen.

Once the initial ‘must buy tokens to pay for new game’ frenzy has worn off, and more people than usual are selling tokens for the increased amount of gold, we should hopefully see the price settle down and fall back down a bit.

And as someone has already pointed out, Blizz never intended these tokens to replace real money monthly sub cost, they were simply added as something for players with excess gold to be able to spend some gold on, while also giving some gold to players who wanted to pay for it (and of course, make Blizz a few bucks in between).
And I see the price seems to have dropped down to around the price it was before everyone wanted to buy themselves a new game for 'free'... :)
So these tokens are bough by someone else wich does supply a Auction House by them ?
If it does so no wonder a price in a gold go in a sky while a gold gaining becomes easier and easier(people have like invested months forward with these tokens already), and now when a people who doesnt wanna invest a real money on them that much anymore. A people freak out because cannot understand why prices goes up ?
A good excample that a game has ''provided'' too much goodies to ''pleases'' a playerbase greedy side.
Even these legendaries feels like last resort by Blizzard, because in a next expansions a loot becomes pretty much unnessery to get while upgrading a excisting legendaries ? ( a people would freak out even more that those would only carry a one expansion as they get ''used to it'').
07/02/2017 10:41Posted by Popmilo
07/02/2017 10:34Posted by Sóbek
Nah "its not their fault" :)

No its yours cause you dont want to pay with curency yet you dont want to farm gold either, so guess they should pay you to play the game because you are ireplacable stalwart of this community or something?

Dont worry this game will exist without you, we will keep Azeroth safe from legion until you earn "imossible sum of money" of 12.99 euros and join us back in the offensive!

*Thumbs up* ....indeed...
"Oh cry, it costs too much gold to pay for, I don't want to work for my gold, I want to play for free"

If you want to play the game, WORK for it, if you don't, then this really isn't the game for you.
20/05/2017 01:12Posted by Versie

If you want to play the game, WORK for it, if you don't, then this really isn't the game for you.

work work...
enslaved goon ><
Gold farmers and botters are buying games with gold and selling them for cheaper than retail. Allowing people to "Gift" other accounts with the bnet balance is what is causing this huge inflation.
19/05/2017 08:51Posted by Donalex
19/05/2017 04:13Posted by Ulkab
Is it only me who believes that the Eu prices 249,157k (current price) are quite ridiculous?

Not really since its so easy to get gold Atm, selling legendarily boosts a lot and the profession mounts also.
The majority by now have milion's.

I will probably get down voted for telling this but it's the reality. Gold it's easier to obtain compared to other times.

I need more down votes 1 is not enough!!!

If people can't understand that the economy has grown and gold is easy to obtain then please:

Ask for free tokens.

Yea sure token has grown in price, but everyone când do and did legendary that at the beginning cost like 500k and now it's worth like 100k. Easiest way for gold boost among other things.

Don't tell me that the majority can't obtain an easy 300k when the majority I know that hardly had 10-50k in tyre pockets now have loads of gold. Simply because they played for profit that won't take you more then 10h a week.

But no, you want to have a token for free and less to be affordable for you, let's make it 10k.

Also please when you start to complain about prices take in consideration the players that have been there since wow started(boosters,bot farmers,gold for money/money for gold,ah bots, etc) thx to people like that since wow token can give money also abuse it and they can easily buy it. It is the best way to buy tokens or buy money however you want since its damn easy to get dead accounts to mitigate the rest .
And they wonder why the economy goes nuts.

So yeah, I agree with the price going up for the simple fact that if you want free game times that others have payed for it with real life money you have to work for it and if you can't then it is your problem, the options are there you just have to work.

Feel free to sink me in ''TD'' but first think of those that influence the economy and how easy you can obtain gold with a ''bit of work''. But I forgot if I don't agree or have a different opinion other then the one that posted automatically makes me the evil one.
07/02/2017 09:36Posted by Popmilo
07/02/2017 09:33Posted by Thunrahion
I think the skyrocket won't stop for a while. Especially when the feature really comes to EU.

It will go probably for more than 200k.

It will stabilize, basics of economy, price will skyrocket and reach the limit once players gold stashes dry out, then price will start droping and it will reach its middle ground.

Educate yourself boys!


Tell us more now about educate ourselves. (see prices for EU token conmpared to NA prices.)
19/05/2017 10:27Posted by Necrofenix
i can get 2 battle pets and sell them for 150-200k each and get way more than the token.

Sounds good but doesnt work on most servers there simply is no deman for rare battle pets. Not that many people are in battle pets and the ones that are arent really willing to spent so much gold on it. The only place you might sell those are high pop servers and even then it might take a long time to sell.

So you cant really use that argument for an increase of gold, the amount of gold required to buy the wow token for most people take about 3 to 4 weeks to get even when grinding once in a while. So if most people take 4 weeks to get that much gold i'd say its a decent cost for something that adds 4 weeks of playtime. And even then not everyone want to spent pretty much all their gold for the sake of playtime. They rather use the gold themselves to buy things
I think this token thing was an excellent move by Blizzard, massively inconvenience all the actual gold farming bots while simultaneously safe guarding themselves against falling subscribers. You see, all the people who buy tokens to play the game don't actually have an active subscription, nor do they pay Blizzard, so when they cancel their subscription Blizzard loses no money.

No. Instead what happens is when you quit the game in your tantrum the price of the token goes down slightly because there is less demand for the tokens. The tokens are still being purchased and therefore technically your subscription is still being paid for, except now you're no longer playing the game.

Blizzard = winning.

All these snowflakes whining because they don't like capitalising = losing.
I once flirted with a bot out in Eastern Plaguelands. I was then condemned as a "chinesse rice farmer" (sic). I don't get why. "Ni hao?" is a perfect greeting.

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