Crit Suppression gone??

Hi...just wondered if any of you lovely mages out there could help me with something. I saw a comment on the altered time forum about crit suppression being removed in legion. There was a link to a US battle net forum that has been purged. I asked a GM and this is the reply I got back.....

thank you for your question. While the gamemaster team isn't really intended to awnser gameplay questions, I still had a bit of a look through our forums and various websites. Players there stated that with Legion, Crist suppression for higher tier content has indeed been removed and linked to a thread in the US forums which unfortunately has since been purged. However, as the other players seem convinced, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that this is the case

Nevertheless, if you'd like total clarity on the matter, feel free to use our community forums to reach out on the matter directly!

I would really appreciate any clarity that any of you can lend to this topic...and apologies in advance if I have chucked this post in the wrong place :) have a great weekend :)
until stated by an official response, treat it as still being in effect, that being said though if there is hard data to prove otherwise then it may well be that it has been removed as a feature for keeping damage numbers down and they are moving to other metrics for tuning dps output that they didn't have years ago.
Yeah that's probably wise ..and your thoughts a possible scenario. Hard data that I can source would be handy. You would think that it would have been stated by an official response at some point if it is the case that it has been removed wouldn't you ? Now I'm like a terrier with a bone and have got to find out one way or another :D
Sorry this is a huge necro. Just wanted to post this for those who are looking for information from google/whatever and want a real answer.

- Crit suppression was removed in Legion and this was announced in the Legion Beta thread where devs answered any questions players with beta access had regarding theorycrafting. See here

Control+F "crit suppression"

Or here's a picture:

Before legion it worked as follows

Abilities/yellow hits had 1% crit suppression per level your target was above your character, so at 90 you'd have 3% reduced crit vs a MoP raid boss level 93.

Crit suppression for yellow hits could have been overcome, but AFAIK white hits were an exception.

A 4.8% crit suppression was in place for white hits those could never be converted from hit to crit. Assuming a player was hit and expertise capped, then 24% of their hits would always have been glancing blows, 4.8% of their hits would always have been hits, and up to 71.2% of their hits could be crits.

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