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Twisting Nether
Hello dears,

We are a Turkish, newly formed guild on TN and we're looking for members to build our roster and clear Nighthold HC.

About Us: We are a group of real life friends from Turkey who enjoys playing and raiding together. This post though will not be in Turkish since we tend to follow forum rules and do not support Turkish spamming on TN.

Even though the guild is new, the players aren't. Most are hardcore-in-their-time players that have turned semi-casual due to real life conditions. We are disciplined enough to clear content, but having fun is the priority. So we are laid-back and chill (usually).

Progress and short-term goals: Nighthold Normal is on farm, and with a few pugs to fill out missing spots, we have managed to clear 10/10HC. We want to have Heroic on farm as well, and after that maybe give Mythic a try if we have the numbers.

Recruitment: Currently we're open to skilled players of all classes. Priorities are as listed;

Healer (high) - shaman preferred.
RDPS (high)
MDPS - (medium)

Raids: We are keeping it casual and raiding 2-3 days a week, depending on the demands of the group. Even the days are not set yet, the times are 19.30 - 22.30 ST (20.30 - 23.30 Local Time for Turkey). Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (occasional) with optional farm days. We are using Personal Loot (strictly, don't want any drama/inequality here) and Discord for voice-comm.

So if you are interested in joining our guild and taking part in its founding-developing process, if our raid times suit you and if you want to meet us and have fun with us; feel free to contact penelopeia#21404 or Evael#2143.

May the force be with you!
Edit: Just completed Nighthold in a semi-pug run.

Heroic bosses to come. Mind you, we have an edgy DH with 1/10 mythic, and most members with Heroic xp. Some even Curve and what-not.
Update: Nighthold Normal is now on farm and our members have managed to get 6-10/10 HC progress via pugs. We are especially in need of 1-2 healers (pref. not priest) to complete our roster for a full-guild run in NH HC. The original post is also updated in this light.

Turkish: Nighthold HC'de bütün üyelerimizin 6-10/10 progressi var, ancak henüz sayımız yeterli olmadığı için tamamen guild raid'i yapamadık. Son 1-2 kişi eksiğimiz var, önceliğimiz priest dışında healerlar. Onun dışında tank-dps recruitment'ına da açığız.

For more info or any questions you might have: penelopeia#21404 or Evael#2143
Updated progress and recruitment needs.
Finally finished HC. Updated.
Feel free to contact me if you need a guardian druid.

This is my new toon after giving a few months break. Armory "uffemar" for my previous tanking experience.

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