<The Betrayed> 3/10 M, looking for raiders for Krosus

Looking for Players – PvE
<The Betrayed> Defias Brotherhood, are currently looking for ranged dps to refill our core roster to push further in our Mythic progression

We're willing to help with transfer costs through wow tokens if the applicant seems to match the guild well but are unable to transfer on his own. However, before we transfer you we would need to have you join cross server on one of the farming runs as to get some insight of the social synergy between you and the guild, and raid performance.


As a guild we ran 7/7M EN before we lost a portion of our core raiders to idealogical disagreements (namely the guild's stand on raiding)

We've downed 3/10 Mythic bosses, and are currently working on Krosus. Currently we have the add soaking, tanking and healing down (3 man healing it) - and are now experiencing a relatively small lack of DPS due to small attendance inconsistencies, such as exam, holiday etc. We're looking for a few strong DPS to join us in clearing Mythic content, in a social and friendly atmosphere.

Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 19:30 - 23:30
(Often for a little while longer if we're making progress)

We're currently looking for:

Frost/Arcane Mage

Affliction/Demonology Warlock

Havoc Demon Hunter

Marksman Hunter

Holy Priest

Any class will be taken into consideration provided they've got a nice attitude and decent numbers.

About the guild:

We're a social guild with a decent aptitude for raiding, managing to clear high end content while keeping a social atmosphere both in the guild as a whole and in the raid team.
Meanwhile we're friends having fun chatting on discord while doing Mythic plus dungeons, battlegrounds or staring at the wall in Dalaran.

What we expect:

Good and friendly attitude despite frustration during progression runs

Decent mechanical performance & "big deeps"

Willingness to put the well being of the raid team above personal gain (Loot, benching etc.)

Good attendance and preparations (Flask/Food/Pots/Vantus Runes)

Voice communication by Discord

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in or for more information, feel free to contact me by Btag: Crow#22717

Or have a look at www.thebetrayed.eu
Social and alt runs in EN HC and NH normal are held every week.
Feel free to contact me as well @ Potato#22546
New progress, still lfm ranged!

Still need Ranged deeps to begin mythic progression
2/10 Mythic, still looking for a few strong ranged DPS
3/10 Mythic
Krosus on 30%
Still looking for ranged. Preferably Frost/Arcane mage, MM hunters, Shadowpriests. Still tho - all classes are very welcome :)
Updated the post.
Feel free to leave a comment or contact any of the officers online if this pique your interest.
my btag: Sandaris#2809

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