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Hey mate! Mythic Seagull Patrol (Started raiding late November 2016) 7/7Mythic 3/3HC 10/10 HC- are looking for a group of a tank with an OS that can fit our ethos. We are a bunch of former top 50 (2 top 10, 3 top 20 etc) raiders that have transitioned onward from UNI and created a guild for this expansion. The goal is to do awesome stuff 9 hours a week from 21.00 GT to 24.00 GT - that is on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. I hope that I can go through what we do to communicate well and generally great guild atmosphere with very good potential. (logs, more on culture etc) Our guild is a medium term project (longevity)with possibility for long term. Our guilds have lasted for many expansions. This is just an attempt at making a community of all the learnings since December 2014.

We focus on team goals, transparent communication and general guild environment - how that mostly translates is a respect for each other's time "free" time.

More about us here:

Bulwai#2449 and on Discord: Bulwai#471
Hey Delrotha

If you'd consider a server and faction change, then please add me for a chat about a possible spot in VII - Tricky#2757

Look forward to hearing from you.

Il add you tonight pal thanks
Didn't add me?
We are 2/10 mythic raiding guild on Sunstrider alliance . I added your battle tag for an in game chat . cranion#2344 . Our web site is

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