Prot warrior + SP looking for raiding guild !

Twisting Nether
Me and gf who plays sp 893 Il looking for progression raiding guild. Im prot warrior myself!

Looking for a friendly well established Progression Raiding guild with a nice history of previous tiers ! Both 8/10 HC NH , 3/3 HC Tov, 3/7 M EN !
Dale#2510 add me
Hey bro,

could we have a discussion in game. Add me reaper#2323

Looking forward to hearing from you
Bump , still looking for raiding guild !
Hey, check our guild post

or contact me Zooc#2148 might be the guild for you :)
23:30 is to late for me. Still looking :)
Contact me :) Stijntje09#2240
contact me aidenx2o#2547

Would like to have a converstation if you are still interested in a guild.
Add me on BattleNet: Juanbreezer#2524

- Juanbreezer
Hi guys, I added Proavitos & Juanbreezer on real id, hope to hear from u soon!
Bump still looking
Do you have a dps off-spec on your warrior? We are not really looking for a tank at the moment but could possibly accommodate your warrior as dps and we are looking for a Shadow Priest :)

For more info:

or add me: Jaidex#2832
No, No dps spec im afraid. Tanking for 4+ years it's what I do :)
Hello there,

SALT is recruiting to strengthen our main team as we progress further into mythic Nighthold. and in preparation for ToS.

We're mainly looking for additional DPS, but we also have a potential tank spot opening.

Check us out:

Please add me @ Moon#2851 to discuss further.

Both 10/10 HC Now

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