Huge lagg on KAZZAK..

What in the hell is happening??!!?!?!?!

537ms (home)
685ms (world)
I have also huge latency on Twisting nether...aswell a few of my guild mates.
1685ms home
1723md world
Draenor seems normal I got 39ms home and 37 world. Restart your routers and look if some1 aint downloading something xD
Ragnaros with same stats ..... I cant even cast spells . Internet connection is perfect.
Mghteridon is the same. Started like 30 mins ago. 700ms on world
Same on Outland.
500ms home, 1000ms world. The high latency remained in a BG too.
I asked in guild, but noone else had this problem. Well, I'm sure the problem is not at me.
980ms on arathor meanwhile i have fix 5 ms on more teamspeak servers, so what is this blizzard? i jsut got kicked from raid, because its rly hard to heal with almsot 1000 ms, thx rly ;)
Lagging still.

BLIZZARD please consider the following permanent fix to your network problems:
-replace your goblin engineers with gnome engineers...since obviously one of your goblin engineer blew something up ... hence why your network is not working.

...and yes, i know, i am a goblin...
Same on Bloodhoof. It's almost unplayable, and doesn't seem to settle.
557 ms(home)
741 ms(world)

Please help us with a reply.
Been having problems as well with World latency, home latency is fine but world is ridiculous.
Still a unplayeble . :/ Blizz try to inform us how long it should be ...
tweet them, and w8 the ignore
You know the high latency to HOME is your pc talking to your router.
It has nothing to do with Blizzard and that high latency creates the world high latency.
You should check some fix tips.
Blizzard dont control your do.
So weird, lot's of people having this problem. Have you tried looking on the forum of your server?

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