DK looking for raid guild.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi , im looking for a raid guild for Mythic progression in NH.
Im a Social, good player that played this game since Vanilla (from time to time) :)
if YOU need a Frost DK, that can Raid Wedn, Thur and Sundays (1930-2300 + )
i got 7/7 M EN, 2/3 M ToV and 1/10 M NH progression.
I can fraction change or realm change if needed.
/Love Scarabaz
Add me mate: dale#2510

Lets see what we can do :)
Eyy! Casual Pizza Cats is looking for more dps to fatten up its roster!

With our two raid nights
    Wednesday 8.00pm-11.30pm: Party Night
    Sunday 8.00pm-11.30pm: Progression Night

we have been clearing Heroic and Mythic content at a perfect relaxed pace

1/3 RAIDING 4/7M 3/3HC 6/10HC
We have a great mix of raiders, some of which are in healthy competition with each other for top dps, all of which are happy to help new players out with their class. We are looking for more raiders of either category. If you are an experienced but casual raider, or if you are new and want to get into raiding, we are here for you. We expect you to come prepared and interested to learn, so that we can get you to the next level.

In case you're on a different realm and consider switching, feel free to join us on a Party Night raid first to see if you like our vibe! Plenty of faction and/or realm switchers have paved the way for you.

More info on raiding:

We like to push our Mythic+ keys (and help other guildies push theirs), we have some serious altoholics, and we like doing (old) content for achievements (mounts, transmog, what's not to love). Our guild members range from hardcore through semi-hardcore to casual. With plenty of events on the guild calendar to choose from, there will surely be something for you, too! For instance our trivia night, or the Casual Pizza Cat Awards (for things such as Ugliest Transmog or Best Screenshot).

We're all pretty chill people, and we like to keep it that way. We don't tolerate drama or immature behavior.

3/3 INFO
- #2 Horde guild of Bronzebeard-Aeriepeak, planning to become #1 at some point
- during raids, we use master loot with mains over alts over alt-offspec
- we log all our raids and are happy to help you with your log
- we have our own little guild economy: buying cheaper off guild bank than AH
- after Party Night, we have a Trivia in Dalaran!
- we hang out on Discord:
- our website has some nice (in progress) resources:

Whisper/add Sinaasappel-Bronzebeard / Lwuun#2269, Ravaso-Bronzebeard or Pseudum-Bronzebeard for an invite.

<Ira Infernus> is a core of players that formed back in TBC with multiple players raiding since classic. We started this guild in the start of Legion and are already one of the strongest guilds on the server.

Our goal is to maintain an enjoyable raid atmosphere, while at the same time ensuring that current content is cleared and on farm.

Our Core team will be expected to keep up to date on gear/tactics as well as maintaining a high attendance rate as we will be running with a tight roster. We will be promoting social/alt raids during downtime so we're open to more casual/social members too.

Core Raid Times & Info
[Server Time]

Wednesday 19:30 – 22:30
Thursday 19:30 - 22:30
Monday 19:30 - 22:30
During progress, raid nights may be extended by around 30 minutes if the raid agrees to it. Monday will be removed from schedule when on farm content.

All members will be expected online for invites 15 minutes prior to raid start with consumables prepared. We will be running with a Loot Council(with EPGP) and distributing loot with the guilds best interests in mind.

What we are looking for:

- 1x Range DPS (Preferably Hunter/Shadow Priest)
- 1x Melee DPS (Preferably DK/Warrior)

If you aren't any of these classes above, but feel you are a Mythic raider, feel free to apply. We are always keen on great players. We're also open to the more social/casual players that wish to clear the content at their own pace, so bring your social friends.

Application form (top right):

Hope to speak to you soon!

Guild Master - Taique-Aggramar/ Quay#1450
Officer - Bumaye-Aggramar / PalmeN#2459
Officer - Welothar-Hellscream / Threkzar#2725
Officer - Qaï / W00ty#2117
Horde Guild Exception on Bloodfeather – Current Progress 3/10 M NH

Actively recruiting
1-2 Ranged: Priority on Shaman
1 Tank: High Priority on Druid or Warrior
1-2 Melee: Priority Rogue and DK

Please note. Although your class may not be on the list, all application will be considered.

The Guild

Exception was formed in 2006 and has raided all content spanning across all 4 brackets (10, 20, 25 and 40 man) and over the years has formed a solid group of core players. Our current focus is 20 man Mythic using a comfortable, flexible raid schedule to accommodate RL commitments. We are looking to bolster the core raiding group in order to achieve the best possible progress.

The raid Schedule

We require our members to raid at least 2 out of 3 raid days a week (priority given to those who make all 3). We raid Wednesday Sunday and Monday from 19.45 to 23.00.
We understand that many people have real life commitments and can’t make every raid; all we ask is notice in advance.

We provide:

• Steady progression.
• Flexible Raid attendance.
• A close knit, social environment.

We require:

• A good attitude and respectful manner.
• We require a certain level of competency – Although we will help gear people We need to see a pro-active attitude in regard to gearings etc.
• A willingness and desire to improve. Mistakes happen, we’re all human - all we look for is that you learn from these mistakes and improve.
• You need to be able to listen on Teamspeak.

Guild website
Wow Progress
Please don’t hesitate to contact me in game with any question on Garathjax #2774 or you can go to our website and make an application.

Our Raid Times (Server Time):
Saturday 13:00 to 16:30
Sunday 13:00 to 16:30

Generally, we never extend raid times. Although we may run over 5 or 10 minutes, if we're close to a kill.

8/10 HC

How to contact us:
We would prefer to be contacted via our, or through a whisper in-game.

Aiden#21505 - Teshi
Prayshock#2894 - Prayshockm
Hi Scarabz,

My guild Véndetta - Alonsus EU , is currently looking for more DPS for our mythic raiding team and could use a frost DK.

I'd like to have a chat with you, feel free to add xarial#2863

Kind regards

Hello there . I would be interested for an in game chat or even a discord conversation . cranion#2344

Our guild Nightshade located on Sunstrider realm fighting for Alliance is currently searching for specific classes and specs to fill our roster . Our progress is 3/10 Mythic 7/7 Mythic and 2/3 Mythic

Our wow progress page:
Full logs history:

Nightshade is the oldest guild on Sunstrider raiding actively since 2005 nonstop.We are an in game family realy . Originally formed by a collection of old friends from older games like EverQuest, Starwars-Galaxies and Lineage 2, the guild has been equally hated by bosses from Ragnaros to Arthas, and by the horde, whose demise is part of our motto.

The classes we are currently recruiting are the following

1) Tank
( All classes will be considered)

2) 2 Damage Dealers
-Any solid geared and experienced candidate will be considered

3) 1 Healer
-Any solid geared and experienced candidate will be considered
We are willing to offer a significant gold scholarship to extremely good applicants in order to help possible transfer and faction change
Our raiding schedule is the follow

-Wednesday 19:00-23:00 Server time
-Thursday 19:00-23:00 Server time
-Monday 19:00-23:00 Server time

Some mythic experience and a certain item level would be appreciated (895+). But we are considering people who where core mythic raiders in previous expansions . Once a mythic raider always a mythic raider :)

You can contact me here or via my battle tag cranion#2344 .
Hey, we raid at those exact times, are currently 3/10 M. Add me and let's have a chat :)

Add me Critzlerss21#2885 for a chat :) we are 9/10 HC atm :)
Hey there,

I am the raid leader of the main progression team in Ascension, we currently have a couple of openings in our roster for both ranged and melee dps. A frost DK would fit well in our melee core. Currently we are 2/10M progression.

More information about the guild can be found in our general recruitment post:

Or talk to me in-game @ Eike#2145
Hi there,

< Supreme Legion > on Thunderhorn server is looking to refresh some of the DPS players in it's roster and we would like to hear from you. Current progress of the guild is 4/10 M. We raid Wednesday /Thursday /Sunday from 20:00 to 24:00 server time. Alliance side.

This is our wowprogress page:

If interested feel free to check up on our website or contact me in-game @ Durbem#2281.

Thank you.
Kings Of Blood are a social/raiding guld. We are on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem EU servers. We are looking for ranged dps + healers(pally) for our raiding team. We are a dedicated social/raiding guild. 7/7 Mythic EN and 3/3 HC ToV and 10/10 Normal NH and 9/10 HC NH. Raiding from 20:30-23:00 ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The guild was made 4,5 years ago. Me and my friend started this guild, and now we got a lot of people and we are like a family :) We focus on the social aspect of the game, but we are serious when it comes to raiding. We like to have a lot of fun in the raids, and also likes to have a lot of fun in the guild chat and on TS3 aswell :) We do have a bit twisted sence of humour :). We also have a youtube channel for our kills :) and you can see if you like how we are as a guild :)

Our earlier progression:
DS 7/8 HC
SoO 10/14 HC (Before mythic came)
HFC 13/13 Mythic.

Add me or my missus on b-tag for more information: Critzlerss21#2885

Exiled on The Maelstrom is an Alliance guild who are currently progressing Nighthold mythic and are currently 1/10 Mythic. 

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 20-23 Realm time. On top of that we run a weekly HC run on a saturday for mains and well-geared alts

We are a very social guild, both in terms of mythic plus but also in terms of playing other games and hanging out on discord. 

If you are interested in getting in touch my battletag is Charlzy#2578
Hey there!

<Møtiøn> (Alliance) Is currently recruiting any class/role for our mythic roster progressing into Nighthold.

Current progress:
7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
1/3 Mythic Trial of Valor
3/10 Mythic Nighthold

Our raid times:
- Monday
- Wednesday
- Sunday
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM Server Time

What we require:
- A mature manner, sense of humor and a good communicator with a team minded attitude.
- Good attendance.
- 870+ Item level and some past raiding experience.

Our website:

If you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game or add us on battle tag.
- Whodagod#2655
- Faeyurae#2875
- Skreamy#21425
- Delish#21243
Hello, we are interested in you to join our Raid Team.

We are <Revolution> who is a long established raiding guild looking for good and dedicated raiders to fill our ranks for Mythic raiding in Legion.
We have been around since TBC and a lot of our core since Vanilla.
Revolution is a very laidback guild with a social raiding atmosphere, which also somehow manages to maintain high progression.

Faction: Alliance
Realm: EU-Turalyon (PVE)
Content Focus: Mythic+ dungeons, Heroic/Mythic Raiding
Looking for: Ranged Dps mainly (Mage, Warlock, SP, Boomkin,...)
If you're not on the list above it doesn't mean we're not looking for your spec, so feel free to contact or apply anyway.
Recruiter Contact: odin#2808, Omerta#21965, Cairnsy#2846
Voice Com: Discord

    Raid times (Realm time):
    Thursday, 19:30 - 22:30
    Sunday, 19:30 - 22:30
    Tuesday, 19:30 - 22:30

WoWProg profile:
Home - Revolution - Enjin

Detailed guild history for Revolution, EU-Turalyon: rankings, boss kill history, player rotation
Hi Scarabaz :)

'Why no love' is currently looking for a few dps for our mythic progression [3/10M]. Our best attempt is 11% on Mythic Krosus.

Even though you said sundays, it didn't state if you couldn't raid other days. We raid monday - wednesday - thursday from 19:45 - 23:00.

If you are interested, please add me: Frannern#2892

Best regards
- Muldiz
We're raiding wed / thur / sun 19.30 - 23.00 on frostmane alliance.

1/10 M progress, kind of a fresh start up so if you wanna join for something new and exciting add me on wyztec#2253 for a chat!
Guild Name: Lack Of Creativity
Raid days: Wednessday - Thursday - Sunday
Raid times: 19:45-23:00 Server time - Invites start 19:30 approx.
Loot system: RCLootCouncil - handed out by officers with system
Server the guild is on: Draenor
Faction: Horde

Hey out there.

Lack of creativity needs more dps to fill out our core roster. - The guild were created in legion launch, and while we builed this guild up from nothing, we achieved 4/7 EN Mythic + 3/3 ToV Heroic.

The guild is now 10/10 nighthold heroic, and are looking for a few more to our core roster, so we can kill that Gul'dan mythic asap!

What we need now is:

Paladin - With main specc retri, but equal good offspecc as holy, so you can be the 5th healer for some mythic fights!

Damage dealers - around 4 more skilled and reliable dps for our team!

This is a very social but yet competetive place! We are having a lot of fun doing the raids, but always with the goal to get far every night! We clear nighthold HC on 1 raid night, so we really need YOU to be a part of us now.

The guild is international, and we speak english, the average age is around 22 y/o.

Requirements to you:
High attendance
Friendly & Mature
Be able to listen on discord
Meet prepared to raids
Have some raid experience
Gear and raid knowledge for atleast nighthold HC!

If you find this interresting, i am sure we can use you!

Contact on this post, or add one of the officers!

GM/RL - Rocksólid - MEKing#2963
Officer/Co RL - Sengu - Blinky#2193
Officer - Lycuz - Hannes#2576
Officer - Silac - Aktersnurra#1811
Officer - Owlcápone - DocNgin#2188

We are looking forward to hear from you :)!

Lack Of Creativity

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