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Hello there bud seems you may want to look at our guild Casualty.

We are (as the name suggests) a casual guild that doesn't have any attendance requirements for raids or anything like that and focus on the people behind the computer screens and the want to build a community in and outside the game.

In terms of what we expect from raiders its simply no drama and be good enough not to hold us back from progression (but we will be more than happy to help with any performance issues). We don't expect you to be the best and we have lots of fun on raids no matter what we are doing.

If this sounds interesting (and your not to attached to alliance) il pop our recruitment thread below which has more info about us, and a link to our website if you fancied applying (you can be sure for a quick response)

Or add me on battle.net on jst2play#2808

Thanks very much & hope to hear from you soon

Hi there!

We have a group of (mainly) 30+ year old players who have been running dungeons, mythic(+) dungeons and a few normal raids so far in Legion. We also have a few swedes, but most of us are british.

Most of us have played since vanilla together and have at various times pushed high end content in very progressive guild environments, so we know how to play, but for various reasons (wives mainly) we aren't doing that any more.

We do, however, aspire to slowly and steadily make our way through normal and heroic raids. We won't do mythic, unless it ever becomes flex based, as we can't be doing with 20 man raiding. We are short a few players at the moment and would like to get a few new faces in to join our gang :) Highest prio atm is to get some more ranged dps in.

When we do run raids it's typically twice a week, 21:30 ST, sun/tues. So far in Nighthold we had 2 raids and our progress is 5/10 normal. We use personal loot and do not tolerate drama in any shape or form.

We are Alliance on Silvermoon.

If interested, pls add me for a chat on wau#2382 or whisper any of us in game.

Cheers and good luck!
Hello Merira, sounds like we may be just what you're looking for!

About Ante mortem

We are a long running guild, mostly of friends that have been playing together for quite some time. It was established by friends, IRL friends and veteran players alike.

Ante mortem is an english speaking guild, consisting of mostly English and Scandinavian folks. We are a tight knit bunch, spending a lot of time on our guild Teamspeak server having a bit of a laugh with each other and would love you to join in.

Current Progress:

The Nighthold - 10/10 normal and 3/10 Heroic.

Current Recruitment is listed on our website, however we will consider any application, listed or not, that comes our way.

Our Raid Schedule

We raid weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 18:00 - 22:00 CET/Server Time (17:00 - 21:00 GMT) and also have an alt raid on a Friday, at the same time as above.

What will we offer you?

Consistent raids week in, week out. We believe in having a relaxed raiding environment, having fun while playing the game we love not too seriously whilst maintaining progression. Ante mortem is guild full of great people, always up for a Mythic + or two, who also don't mind giving a helping hand! We have a very good core group of players, we are just missing the last few people (plus a few surplus) to progress even further.


Please either visit http://www.ante-mortem.enjin.com to apply or add my b-tag kilzTG#2321 and give me a holla! Thanks.
Hey Merira

I'm looking for a few extra friendly dps to come raid with the Forgotten Few. We're a small friendly social/casual guild with a good atmosphere on Arathor Alliance side. You'll always get a grats, some random chatter and a helping hand for quests and achievements.

The raid team runs Tues and Thurs from 2100-2300ish server time. The raids are casual but competent, as in we have fun and learn the mechanics to progress but we're there for fun and it never gets too serious, we have no interest in mythic raiding. Currently 7/7HC, 3/3N, 5/10 N.

We tend to also put together a weekend raid (normal EN or TOV for now) on the weekends for alts and guildies who don't have time in the weeks, purely as a "run if enough people sign up" event.

It's not all raids though, we do guild dungeons, old raid runs for transmogs and silly just for fun events too.

We have a discord server and an active website. I'd suggest a poke around to see if it looks right for you:

There's an application form on the website and you can get me for a chat on Play182#2564.

good luck with your search

ps - we like swedes, we seem to be collecting them somehow :)
Moving to Mongolia - (EN HC -7/7 TOV HC 3/3 NH HC 3/10) - is looking for 3 Range Dps for nighthold 870+ & 35 on weapon. We raid Wed & Sun 19:30 - 22:00

You can msg my Btag: Masuna#1799 if you are interested in joining. We arent hardcore and just want mature easy going people. Nice PVE server and chilled out raiding and mythic +
Hello Merira!

Reforged (7/7ENhc 3/3ToVn 5/10NHn) is a casual,Heroic focused raiding and social guild based on Shadowsong.

We have been on Shadowsong since April 2013. Prior to that we were on Lightbringer with our origins going back to Vanilla.
We took a break from guild raiding during WoD, but many of our members where keen to get a small raid team going again for Legion. We have since cleared EN/HC and ToV/N and are currently 5/10 NH normal. We are currently looking for more members for the raid team, especially Caster DPS. Most specs considered, please see our website for current needs.

We mainly focus on Normal/Heroic raiding in a relaxed and calm environment, The majority of our members are mid 20s - 30s with busy lives - kids/work/so on, and we just want to have some relaxed fun clearing bosses with people who are pleasant to be around but prepared well for raids.

Our raid days are Sunday/Thursday 9pm onwards server time (8pm UK), with an Alt night usually on Friday.
Please feel free to check out our website,and apply at our website http://www.refor.enjin.com/

For any further questions or info, please feel free to contact me or our GM at Vallant#2885 and vixiehay#2218

Hello Merira (aka swede with an anonomys alt)!

If you are interested in faction changing, we might be a really good fit for you. :)

<Just Winging It> (3/10 H, 3/3 H, 7/7 H) is a mature and casual horde guild on [EU-Draenor], with only two raid days per week (Mon/Wed 19.50-23 ST) and an understanding that 100% attendance is difficult to obtain due to RL, but we're semi-hardcore when we actually do raid in terms of coming prepared and (ironically) not winging it. We're a fun-loving bunch who likes to be social during non-raid hours, helping eachother out with WQs and dungeons (both daily HC and mythic+).

Our official ambitions are to do a steady progression through the content, ultimately attempting to clear as much of Mythic as our roster and skill allows for.

We are primarily looking for ranged DPS for Heroic/Mythic content, but the perfect guildie is both a nice person and a good player, so all are welcome for a chat and tryouts. We are currently looking especially for Warlock/Priest/Mage/Shaman, so you fall right into our favourite catagory! :)

If this seems interesting to you, add me on battletag and we'll have a chat. Hope to hear from you!

-Randi (Randolini#2947)

Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Just+Winging+It
Warcraftlogs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/105515/
We are currently looking to add members to our ranks who wish to raid with less pressure than a hardcore guild but still want a challenge and to progress. Our aim in Legion is to experience the entire content, but to do so in a fun and relaxed environment.

Raid Times are currently: Monday & Thursdays 8pm-11pm Server time - 7pm to 10pm UK.

What can we offer you:

-Friendly and stress-free atmosphere - in simple words, no unnecessary drama
-Teamwork - we often help each other while questing, doing dailies and dungeons, so if you have any problems with anything or just feeling lonely, there is always someone out there to join you
-High Discord activity - there are always people chatting on our Discord channel, and it is very easy to set up events/activities with other guildies.
-Raid Progression
-Flasks, pots and other raid consumables.

What we expect from you:
-Be an active player - nothing is more discouraging than seeing a bunch of members being AFK for weeks without any notice.
-Be sociable - we do not expect you to talk in guild chat or hang out on Discord all the time, some of our members are very open and talkative, others are more quiet and that is okay. However we would highly encourage you to take part in the guild life in some way as the social element of the guild is a key focus for us.
-If you decide to raid with us we would like you to follow some obvious and general rules that apply to all raiding groups:
*Know your class well, and chosen main and off-specs. We do expect above average performance from all of our raiders.
*Be punctual - No one likes to wait and waste time waiting around for people. We do take scheduled breaks during raids.
*Prepare for raids - bringing flasks, elixirs, food etc. is mandatory for all raid members.
*Further to the above, read guides and watch videos to at least know what is required from you and your role.

Please check out our website: http://panicroom.enjin.com and if you are interested please apply and fill out the recruitment questionnaire.

You can also contact me in game by adding JezzFueg0#2869


We are a semi-casual Horde-side evening and night-time raiding guild located on Argent-Dawn on the EU servers, and we are full of heart and colourful characters. While we started primarily in WoW, we span a number of games online including Overwatch, DotA 2, LoL, Minecraft and a number of other smaller games. We have our own Roll20 campaign with an original story and setting written by our own talented guildies! We stay connected through Discord, our Facebook Page and our guild site, absolution-gaming.com

We've cleared EN HC 10/10, ToV HC 3/3, NH Normal 10/10, NH Heroic 2/10.
We need:

Healers: Resto Shaman, Holy/Disc Priests, Holy Paladins
Tanks: Any tanks EXCEPT Protection Warriors.
DPS: Any ranged DPS, exceptional melee DPS.

In terms of raiding, we raid three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday 22:00-00:30 server time and Sunday 21:00-01:00 Server time.) Thursday and Sunday are progression raids, Tuesday raids are alt-runs. For raids, we'd require you to have an iLevel of at least 860+, and while we're all fun and games, we do take our raiding seriously.

If you are any of the above and you feel like you'd fit in with us, have a look at our guild website or alternatively you can contact one of these members through their battletags.



For any other social applicants, contact those two or:
Hi there. You sounds just like a person we need to strenghen our heroic and mythic roster.

If you are looking for laid back semi hardcore raiding guild then pls add Adikon#2437 and lets talk on Discord.

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