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Good morning fellow WoW'ers

As the above title states, I am a returning Holy Paladin in the process of gearing up (Heroic spam, followed by Mythic and Mythic+ spam).

I have played a Paladin on and off since TBC, and have also played all other healing specs at one time or another. I have led healing teams in the past, and have raided at levels up to bleeding edge 25 man Heroic in Cata. I am an experienced WoW player with good raiding pedigree.

I am looking for a new guild to join for the long term, and thought this would be the best place to start my search. My gear is very sub-optimal right now, but I will be able to remedy this relatively quickly, and have boosted artefact knowledge from a different character I was playing earlier in the expansion, on which I cleared 7/7 NH HC.

If there are any guilds out there who have a spot open for an experienced Holy Paladin (who can solidly play Ret when required) then please leave a reply below and I will get back to you.


Good afternoon!

We here at Casualty may be able to offer a home to you, although it depends on what type of raiding your after. We are (as the name suggests) a casual guild, but one that consistently raids twice a week aswell as alt runs and mythic+ evenings.

More importantly we can offer you a great and friendly community that are always happy to help each other.

If your looking for more intensive raiding then I wish you luck finding a new home, If you wanted a more casual approach, check out our recruitment thread below and either follow that to apply through our website or add me on for a chat on jst2play#2808

All the best!!
Hey! If you got some time to read up our recruitment post ,would love to have a chat.
I dont think gearing up is an issue atm,we're focusing more on people we play with to be fun,reliable and experienced.So if you think you could fit in with us,my bnet tag is at the end of our post.

Much lufs!
Hey Hob

Your guild sounds perfect to me, and even match the days/times I'm after (which has been a struggle to find!)

I'll be in touch in the form of dropping an application =)

Good Afternoon, I am one of the recruitment officers for Twilight Souls, a weekend raiding guild on Ragnaros who are looking for a good Holy Paladin to join our ranks and boost our numbers to start Mythic raiding shortly, currently 5/10 NH Heroic. Further information below…

Website -

Wow progress -

Recruitment Post -

You seem like exactly what we’re looking for; if you want a chat to discuss anything further just add me – Lupercal#2976
Hello Agafantasia, sounds like we may be just what you're looking for!

About Ante mortem

We are a long running guild, mostly of friends that have been playing together for quite some time. It was established by friends, IRL friends and veteran players alike.

Ante mortem is an english speaking guild, consisting of mostly English and Scandinavian folks. We are a tight knit bunch, spending a lot of time on our guild Teamspeak server having a bit of a laugh with each other and would love you to join in.

Current Progress:

The Nighthold - 10/10 normal and 3/10 Heroic.

Current Recruitment is listed on our website, however we will consider any application, listed or not, that comes our way.

Our Raid Schedule

We raid weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 18:00 - 22:00 CET/Server Time (17:00 - 21:00 GMT) and also have an alt raid on a Friday, at the same time as above.

What will we offer you?

Consistent raids week in, week out. We believe in having a relaxed raiding environment, having fun while playing the game we love not too seriously whilst maintaining progression. Ante mortem is guild full of great people, always up for a Mythic + or two, who also don't mind giving a helping hand! We have a very good core group of players, we are just missing the last few people (plus a few surplus) to progress even further.


Please either visit to apply or add my b-tag kilzTG#2321 and give me a holla! Thanks.

My guild on Silvermoon is currently looking for a Holy Paladin to join our ranks, so that we're a complete 20 man team with a few reserves!

If you're interested, could you shoot me a message over on bnet?! My tag is kelnoctis#21930

Hope to hear from you. :)

We are a semi-casual Horde-side evening and night-time raiding guild located on Argent-Dawn on the EU servers, and we are full of heart and colourful characters. While we started primarily in WoW, we span a number of games online including Overwatch, DotA 2, LoL, Minecraft and a number of other smaller games. We have our own Roll20 campaign with an original story and setting written by our own talented guildies! We stay connected through Discord, our Facebook Page and our guild site,

We're currently 10/10 normal, 2/10 Heroic NH and looking for people who want to raid with like-minded people, no pressure, no drama.

In terms of raiding, we raid three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday 22:00-00:30 server time and Sunday 21:00-01:00 Server time.) Thursday and Sunday are progression raids, Tuesday raids are alt/social runs. For raids, we'd require you to have an iLevel of at least 860+, and while we're all fun and games, we do take our raiding seriously.

If you are any of the above and you feel like you'd fit in with us, have a look at our guild website or alternatively you can contact one of these members through their battletags.


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