<Cryptic> 7/7M 3/3HC 1/10M LF RDPS

<Cryptic> - We are a newly migrated mythic progression guild recruiting competent Ranged DPS to complete our mythic progression roster. We are predominantly looking for Boomkin, Mage, Hunter & Shaman however ALL dps will be considered (MDPS with Tank OS / Healer with good OS also considered).

Raid Times:
Tuesday - 21:00-00.00 ST.
Thursday - 21:00-00.00 ST.
Sunday - 21:00-00.00 ST.

About us:
We have a great core of raiders who transferred together from a smaller realm - we did so in order to recruit from a larger player base and get top level players. As a result of us having all raided together we have an awesome social environment.

We're aiming to be a top level guild with great progression, the skill level of players in this guild is far beyond 1/10M, we just need the last few members to fill up the roster! If you have a high level of skill as well as a likable personality you could be what we're looking for!

We have members from a variety of different countries around Europe and as a result have a nice mixture of cultures and banter within our guild environment, however the language used for raids is English (vital that this can be understood).

Discord is our primary form of communication, members of our guild actively contribute and help each other on discord and we hope you would join in as such. Questions, feedback, everything you'll need can be found on there when you raid with us. Drop me a message and we can have a chat on discord, i'll give the link in a whisper instead of posting on here.

Bnet - Cgarratt#2754 (Character "Unfound" drop a /w if you prefer)
We are still looking to recruit Mages, Warlock, Hunters and/or Balance druids. Joining now would give you a solid guaranteed raidspot.

Currently we clear Nighthold HC in 2 hours time and we make sure that everyone in the guild does at least one 15 per ID.

Since we moved here from another server our wowprogress doesn't reflect our current stats sadly and we are still hunting for the few RDPS that would fit into our core group of players.

Come get a fresh start with us - or continue your journey!

I/we wont let you down!

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