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Looking for Players – PvE
Hey there,

I'm a deathknight looking for a place to progress through mythic.
Currently I'm 10/10N 7/7H 3/3H with Scorp, two Tich and a krosus on heroic.

I've only been looking for a good place to raid since a week before NH. Before that I was within a casual guild where their raid team struggled with normal TOV. I didn't feel that was the right place to raid during NH.

I've been main spec tanking since start of Legion and this is obviously my strongest spec looking at both skill, gear and numbers.
I do not mind learning Frost although I'm a lot better at tanking in general than DPS.

Feel free to shoot me a whisper on

I would love speaking to you.
*shoots a whisper* sent you a btag request :)
Hey Pal! <Absolution> is recruiting!

We are a semi-casual Horde-side evening and night-time raiding guild located on Argent-Dawn on the EU servers, and we are full of heart and colourful characters. While we started primarily in WoW, we span a number of games online including Overwatch, DotA 2, LoL, Minecraft and a number of other smaller games. We have our own Roll20 campaign with an original story and setting written by our own talented guildies! We stay connected through Discord, our Facebook Page and our guild site, absolution-gaming.com

We're 7/7 EN HC, 3/3 ToV HC and 2/10 NH HC:

Healers: Resto Shaman, Holy/Disc Priests, Holy Paladins
Tanks: Any tanks EXCEPT Protection Warriors.
DPS: Any DPS, prefer rangedDPS.

In terms of raiding, we raid three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday 22:00-00:30 server time and Sunday 21:00-01:00 Server time.) Thursday and Sunday are progression raids, Tuesday raids are alt-runs. For raids, we'd require you to have an iLevel of at least 860+, and while we're all fun and games, we do take our raiding seriously.

If you are any of the above and you feel like you'd fit in with us, have a look at our guild website or alternatively you can contact one of these members through their battletags.



For any other social applicants, contact those two or:

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