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We are a small group of mature gamers from the UK who enjoy playing WoW, doing dungeons together, a bit of PvP and the odd Raid whilst swapping tips when playing. We have got characters on the EU Server Turalyon on Alliance and are wondering if anyone wants to join us for social fun. We are on every evening chatting away whilst playing WoW, so would be great to link up with some other players. This is not a guild, we are just a small group who are looking for others of a similar mindset. if you fancy joining us, add me on Battlenet

PS We do play other games like Hearthstone, Overwatch as well if that takes your fancy and we have are own teamspeak
Hiya... Bit of punt really, but you sound like a mini version of our guild, and the sorts of players we have amongst our ranks. We're well established, mature guild. Most of our guildies are over 25 and we've been around for a good 12 years now, successfully managing casual end game raiding since Vanilla.

We rebooted our raid team a couple of weeks ago, and currently 3/3 ToV, 2/10 NH. We raid Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm server time until 11.30pm server time - it's not mandatory our raiders make every raid, just those which suit. We're always looking for like minded people to come and join us, for raiding, dungeoneering, mythicing... Nattering.

If you'd ever be interested in formalising into a guild, I think you would fit in nicely with us... If it sounds like something you could get on board with, come have a poke around our forums and website and see what you think :)
Elsah can you add me on Battlenet please Beckyboy#2320
Hi Beckyboy...

Added you on Battlenet, think we keep missing each other due to other ingame stuff! ;)

If this keeps happening, and you want to talk about joining, then feel free to start a thread for a chat on our forum, so we can catch up there or send me a PM there

Hope to hear from you soon :)

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