897ilvl 1/10M Resto Shaman LF Guild

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi my guild recently disbanded so im in need of a new home.

Im looking for a guild that gives me the chance to raid heroic / mythic atleast 2-3times a week.
One problem I have is that I work shift, so every third week, I wont be availble to raid during mon-friday 14.00-23.00, otherwise im always available to raid.

Im very dedicated and loyal to the guild Im playing with, and will always try to play and behave the best as I can.


Age: 20
Where are you from? Sweden
Name? Anton Knudsen


Server, name and class? Draenor, Zeeku, Shaman
Number of days played? 80 Days on this character, 6-700 days total on my account tho.


Firelands 7/7M (6/7M before ragnaros nerf)
Dragonsoul 8/8M.

Mists of Pandaria
ToT: 9/12M before taking a break until SoO where i cleared the whole raid on Mythic.

Warlords of Draenor
Didnt play that much due to exams but cleared everything on Heroic Diffculty during the first weeks.

Emerald Nightmare 7/7M
Trial of Valor 2/3M
Nighthold 1/10M

For more info add me on my battle tag Zeeku#2970

And yes, I am willing to transer/change faction

I represent Wild Blades a guild on Kazzak, we are 5/10hc with a solid team looking for loyal players.

We raid 3 nights a week mon wed thurs 2000-2300.

Why not add me on #pain2867 for more information? :D
Hi Zeeku,

We are a horde guild in Hellfire/Arathor and are looking for a dedicated healer for our core team. We are currently 2/3ToV and 1/10M NH.
Raid days and times: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday, from 20:00 to 23:30ST.
We use discord and a Loot council loot system.

Feel free to add me for any questions you might have. Our guild discord is always open if you want to chat.

Hello there,
My guild is currently recruiting our last healer as one of ours has quit the game (IRL commitments)

We are currently 10/10hc, 2/3M, 7/7M, We raid Wed, Sun, Mon 20:00 - 23:00.

We aim to progress mythic as quick as possible and finish the content ASAP!

Can you add me on battletag so we can talk further!
Taget från får wowprogress profil, hör av dig ifall det är av intresse! http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/stormreaver/Firman

Vi söker duktigt folk för progress av mythic nighthold.

Om oss:
Vi är ett gäng vänner med en medelålder på 25 som startade denna guild i början av MoP för att raida casual (2 dagar i veckan).
Vårat mål är dock att vara så effektiva som möjligt och sikta på att bli en av sveriges högst rankade 2 raids per vecka guild. Ett annat mål är att klara all content på högsta svårighetsgraden innan nästa content är ute.

Vi har några raidingveteraner i guilden som alltid placerar sig top 80-95% i världen, men även folk som är lite nyare inom raiding alla är dock välkomna.

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/159382/

Alla i guildet är välkomna att raida med oss.
För mythic plockar vi dock de 20 bästa som är online vid tillfället, för progression ser vi helst till att du har bästa buffmat/flasks/prepot/augment runes.

Tider: Onsdagar och måndagar 19.00-23.00
Utöver de 2 raidingdagarna så kör vi mycket mythic + eller anordnar alt clears.

Om dig:
Dyk upp till raids med en god attityd.
Du är +18
Du är svensktalande eller förstår svenska.

Lägg till på bnet blazyb#2626 alternativt skriv en applikation på vår hemsida: Besök firman.shivtr.com för mer information.
Hey there,

Ambassador for <The Raven Council> reporting. o/

We're currently open to recruit a few amazing raiders for Mythic Nighthold.
Currently 7/7M, 2/3M, 1/10M + Chronomatic Anomaly very close to dead. ;)

We raid for 3 hours, 3 days a week, even during progress.
Invites start at 19:45, and we finish 23:00.

We have one spot open for a healer and our preference would be a Shaman or Paladin, so if we like you & your app - you're very likely to get offered a full-time trial position very soon (no bench role).
We'd also be happy to start a trial cross-realm (for Heroic farm) at first, if you prefer.

Check out our thread for more info, and add Banth#1555 for a chat!

Good luck!
Looks like you already have a lot of options, but if you haven't already commited:

I'm a current top 100 player with a lot of raid experience starting a guild.
I added you for a chat.

Wowprogress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/twisting-nether/On+Farm

(This is not my raiding toon)
Kings Of Blood are a social/raiding guld. We are on Kilrogg/Nagrand/Runetotem EU servers. We are looking for ranged dps + healers for our raiding team. We are a dedicated social/raiding guild. 7/7 Mythic EN and 3/3 HC ToV and 10/10 Normal NH and 7/10 HC NH. Raiding from 20:30-23:00 ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

The guild was made 4,5 years ago. Me and my friend started this guild, and now we got a lot of people and we are like a family :) We focus on the social aspect of the game, but we are serious when it comes to raiding. We like to have a lot of fun in the raids, and also likes to have a lot of fun in the guild chat and on TS3 aswell :) We do have a bit twisted sence of humour :). We also have a youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXleyl7NJjQEDQaFQ9V33VQ for our kills :) and you can see if you like how we are as a guild :)

Our earlier progression:
DS 7/8 HC
SoO 10/14 HC (Before mythic came)
HFC 13/13 Mythic.

Add me or my missus on b-tag for more information: Critzlerss21#2885
[H] WENDL Recruiting - Tarren Mill!

Our Current Priorities:
-1 Healer [Pref Shaman or Priest]
- DH/Rogue/DK/Enhancement
- We can often accommodate most classes, if you're worth it.

We currently have spots for most classes! Please add any of the battletags listed below and give us a whisper for most up-to-date info!

Tomisen#2647 - Thequilashot (GM)
Quizzler#2421 - Paintedballs (ViceGM)
Sparvel#2332 - Dabush (Dps Officer)
Guuldlock#2622 - Tystakrigarn (Dps Officer)
MrDazee#2336 - Tompabre (Recruiter)

History of Wendl:
<Wendl> - Tarren Mill (EU) is a long lived raiding guild! We have been raiding since Cataclysm. Wendl started out as a 10-man raiding guild during the release of Firelands. Since then we had the same core consisting of 10 man. During most of Cataclysm and up until the release of Legion we were casually raiding and enjoying eachothers company. As we strolled through Emerald Nightmare Heroic with our 10-man core. We decided to step it up a notch and transitioned into a mythic raiding guild. Now we are aiming to be one of Tarren Mills cutting edge guilds!

Recruitment Status:
- Recruiting! Check top of post for specific classes, or talk to us for the most up to date info.

Current Progress:
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic
Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic
Nighthold: 9/10 Heroic

Regular Raid Schedule:
Wednesday + Sunday
19:00 - 23:00 server time

We can offer:

An extremely stable, drama-free guild.
Organised, progression-focused and enjoyable raids.
Plenty of group activities outside of raids.
Sensible raiding hours!
Discord server (for use any time).

Applicants should:
Know their class inside and out, including best talents and glyphs to use on each fight, and the capability and experience to perform to a high standard with all such builds.
Not be twatbags. If you enjoy yelling at your fellow raiders, this isn't the guild for you.
Have experience raiding Mythic (or pre-6.0 HC) modes. Previous tiers/expansions can be acceptable, but preferably similar experience to our own, if you want to be trialled right now.
Have a mic and be happy to use it when needed.
Be able to attend both of our raid days in a week. (100% attendance is not required - There's leeway for random RL commitments/emergencies of course)
Have a minimum of 45 artifact traits in 1 spec.
If you don't meet some of the above requirements, e.g if you haven't raided this tier/expansion - feel free to chat to us anyway! We value historically good raiders, too.
Heyo my fellow swede! we are looking for a dedicated player such as yourself! please check us out and give me a shout if you are interested :P

<Vanguard Second Company>

Server: Tarren Mill.
Website: https://vanguard.apexmega.com/
Raiding Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 to 23:00.
Faction: Horde.
Progress: 7/7H EN, 3/3H ToV 6/10H NH, Aiming for Mythic.

A little about <VSC>:
    We are a bunch of idiots that has a big heart and a strong passion for raiding with a "Chill, laidback, no worries man" kind of a vibe and still be able to clear high end content.

What our Guild can offer:
    A relaxed, focused yet fun raiding environment.
    A diverse group of players to engage in activities.
    If you scratch our backs, we scratch yours.
    We keep it simple, why make it complicated?

Ideal Candidates:
    Are mature, over 18+ years.
    Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it.
    Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode.
    Skilled Player: Skilled in the class that you play.
    Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset.
    Requirements: Discord & RC Lootcouncil Addon.
    Some boss timers: DBM or Bigwigs.

if you have eny questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer them. So dont hesitate to send an in game message to us on Tarren Mill or add our Btags down below.

Cheers friend!, and i hope ill hear from you very soon!

Brad#2942 (GM)
KesarChan#2981(Me and Officer)
Salmiak#2300 (Officer)
primal#21894 (Officer)
Hey Zeeku,

We are <Elysian> at Kazzak Horde and we would be interested in giving you a trial spot for our raiding team. Our progress is 7/7M and 10/10HC and need some healers for our main roster in NH mythic progression. We are raiding Monday-Wednesday-Thursday from 21:00-24:00 Server Time.
We are a well established guild with a loyal core who enjoy raiding and progressing at a pace that combines challenge and fun. You can check our guild site for more information http://elysian-kazzak.enjin.com/ and you can add me on b.net for any other question you might have (Wyrden#2328). I took the liberty of adding you in game so whisper me if you want any more information :)

Hope to hear from you soon,
Hello, atm we are trying to find a healer, to complete our healing roster and a shammy would be a gr8 addition to us.
Below you can find our recruitment thread, and if you are interested to talk more you can add me on aidda#2112.


Good Evening,

I am the Guild Master of Twilight Souls, a weekend raiding (Friday & Sunday) guild on Ragnaros who are looking for a good Resto Shaman to join our ranks and boost our numbers for Mythic raiding, we are currently 5/10 NH Heroic.

Further information below:-

Website - http://twilight-souls.co.uk/recruitment

Wow progress - http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ragnaros/Twilight+Souls

Recruitment Post - https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614701531

You seem like exactly what we’re looking for; if you want a chat to discuss anything further just add me – Darkxblade#2173
Hey there,

We are currently looking for a resto shaman for our core team due to another quitting the game last week.

We are 10/10 HC 1/10 Mythic 7/7 mythic etc etc..

We raid wed/thur/mon 21.15 - 00.00 realm time. If this is of any interest to you please add me on tapps#2758 i have added you :P

Would love to chat. also check out www.carnage-inc.com


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