WRONG actionbars bug!

Oke, I just logged in on my druid and all my actionbars where totally messed up. My balance spec had my feral actionbars. Since I use the same keybind for all the artifact abilities I noticed it. Almost all spells that were spec specific were removed. My feral spec had my resto actionbar. etc etc. Needless to say, my SPECS have the wrong ACTIONBARS.

I tried relogging/reloadingUI/deletingWTFcache/no addons. And its only my druid. Logged into a few other chars and thats fine.

Now I have to re-configure my entire actionbar all over again. Can't find anything on internet/forum either about this bug.. Its so annoying ffs!

Is there anyone with a solution or more details about this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Is this the first time logging on the char since 7.0 prepatch?
I've just had the same problem on my priest. I was in a heroic and swapped to holy spec as I joined as healer, only to find that I had no healing spells on my bars. possible bug?

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