895+ Guardian Druid LF hc/mythic guild

Looking for Players – PvE
feel free to contact Moist#21486 for more questions if interested.
still searching for options feel free to add me.
Hey, Officer of FiLTH here.
Our guild is a friendly progressive guild looking for more skilled players like yourself to add to our team. We are currently 6/10HC but could be easily higher with additional players!

Raids are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:45PM - 11:45PM Server time (+1 GMT)

If you're interested then apply on the website (http://www.filth.guildlaunch.com/) or add my btag MrRoboto#2229
Hello Moistieness!

We are looking for a new tank to join our forces, and we would love to get a guardian druid on our team! :)

<Just Winging It> is a mature (20+) and casual horde guild on EU-Draenor, with a current progression of 9/10 heroic. If this sounds interesting to you, please have a look at our WarcraftLFG site to read more about us and add me for a chat:

Hope to hear from you!

-Randi (Recruitment Officer)

Battletag: Randolini#2947
Discord: Randolini#8304
Hey buddy.
Just gonna shoot off the main points your probably interested in.

We are Bros Before Hozen.
We raid Thursdays and Mondays. 9-12 Server Time.
We are 6/10 HC.

We're a group of players that have played WoW for since the Wrath days and we don't really take ourselves seriously and we are looking to add people to our roster so as we can move into Mythic Raiding, We're a community as much as a raiding guild and we would like to have you.

If your interested dude, add my Battletag Clee#2327.

Hope to hear back from you :)
Hey this sounds like something you might be interested in :)

★ Final Evolution (7/7M 10)(3/10M)★
We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild located on the Darksorrow realm, which focuses on its 20-man mythic raid team. We have been around on Darksorrow for many years and has as a result achieved a nearly stainless reputation on the realm throughout the years. We pride ourselves, not only on our raiding capabilities, but most of all on our ability to raid competitively in a 3-day raid schedule whilst having a blast with one another, not only during raid time, but also outside of raids in the form of either; challenge modes, alt raids, reputation farming etc. or even just by having a chat in our guild chat / ventrilo.

We raid 9 hours a week, spread out on three days a week. Raid invites are 15 min. prior to the start of each raid and our raid times are set according to Server time GMT+1. As an applicant, you are expected to show up for each of the three raid days during your trial period.

Official Raid Times

★ Wednesday (20:30-23:30)
★ Thursday (20:30-23:30)
★ Monday (20:30-23:30)

★ At the release of new content, or when we feel we're close enough to a kill, we might add one extra raid day (usually Sunday, and usually a shorter raid).

Should you have any questions regarding the guild, you can whisper one of our officers in-game:

LOLABLiTZ3R#2436 (Recruitment officer)

Sebb#2634, Missmika#2971 (Officers)
Guyon#2135 (Guild Leader Guyon)

Also for more information have a look here - http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614471620#post-1

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