prot paladin ilvl 900 lf a new home

Looking for Players – PvE
06 Feb


My name is tankadïn
As you can see i like to tank
I like to do it a lot
I'm looking for a guild that has a common goal
My goals are to clear all the raiding contend in the game
Also on nonraiding days mythic plus alt raids just an active guild,
whit lots of people to play whit
I am a fast learner and i do enjoy some serious progress
There are ofc no prob whit joking around
If you after reading this interested and you are looking for a very good tank
Then you can do 2 tings

Follow me on wow progress and leaf you battle tag
Of you can add me ForTheHorde#215970

This are my logs
I will from now on update them on a daly basis

My amory link

mvg tankadïn

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