Your three favorite mounts?

With so many mounts in-game now and people having different taste, I'm curious! Which are your favorite three mounts that you currently own, or which you would really like to add to your collection in the future but have not yet received?

For me, it would be these three
    Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent (owned)
    Has been my favorite ever since it was first announced and I dreamed about owning it for a couple of years. Recently was lucky enough to finally receive this beauty.
    Infinite Timereaver (still farming)
    One of my main reasons for farming timewalking! Have about 4500 kills now, so not as many as some, but here's hoping I'll net this elusive and pretty dragon soon.
    Feldrake (owned)
    Has been a follower of mine for many years and, despite using a rather old model, is very unique and recognizable. It's a perfect match for my demon hunter, too.

I'm definitely leaning towards dragon mounts, but I'm also very much in love with birds such as the corrupted dreadwing, all of the pandaren phoenixes and ravenlord!
The Expedition Yak, only.

Rest I just stick to random.

1: I managed to receive the Clutch of Ji-kun mount an hour ago finally after years!
2: Swift Zulian Tiger because of its rarity.
3: Astral Cloud Serpent.

I am lucky enough to own all of those now.
All time land: The MoP dinosaur isle primal raptor -line. Sleek, great basic colors. Go well with lots of mogs. Being able to ride thru shop doors is a must, these qualify on that department as well.

All time air: flying machine / turbo charged flying machine. I can see for miles.

Latest like: Ratstallion (the sewer rat). Especially love it's "*sniff sniff* What's all this then?" -/mountspecial animation. First time I saw one I immediately knew I must have one. Well worth spending a day or three down there.

EDIT: Ratstallion also comes with the funniest mail attachment ever:


We found this creature clawing at an unidentifiable corpse in the back tunnels of the Underbelly, and we were immediately reminded of you. I sincerely hope you find it to your liking.

  • Invincible
  • Clutch of Ji-Kun
  • Swift Zulian Tiger (I don't have it)
  • Currently I am using Mimirons head though since I got it last night.
    - Big Battle Bear (my main ground mount)
    - Ironbound Proto Drake
    - Swift Zulian Tiger (don't have it but I'm saving gold for the BMAH)
    I like the Winterspring Frostsaber, Cindermane Charger and Darkwater Skate.

    With honourable mentions to the Jewelcrafting Panthers and the Talbuks.
    of my owned ones,
    mimirons head are currently my goto mount.
    clutch of ji kun is at second place.
    on third place is not set in stone. but raven lord and flametalon are pretty much my favorite ground mount.

    still farming invincible and fiery warhorse (killed attuman over well over 300 times)
    Felfire Hawk

    Armored Skyscreamer

    Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade
    On this character??

    Golden Cloud Serpent. (I raised it from an egg....Im attached!)

    Any Yak. (coz I love their little rumbly run animation)

    Swift Windsteed. (I think its pretty and I love how it runs on top of a cloud)
    1. Corrupted Hippogryph - I can't ride any other mount than this hippogryph *-*
    2. Infinite Timereaver - my favorite drake model and the colors are incredible
    3. Iron Skyreaver - unique model and animations, wish we had a one-headed version, something like a wyvern dragon.
    1.the Mystic runesaber, a friend got it to me.

    2. mamouth whit repair shop hehe.

    3. water strider.

    I like theese the most due to eighter looks or utility.
    Astral Cloud Serpent, Violet Pandaren Phoenix and the Expedition Yak.
    ♦ Infinite Timereaver

    ♦ Corrupted Dreadwing

    ♦ Netherwing Drake [one of best quest chains in WOW]
    Ashes of Al'ar

    Smoldering Ember Wyrm

    Flameward Hippogryph (very underrated imo)
    1. Heart of Aspects, since the day I bought it theres no day I havent used it and that never been the case for any other mount ever for me.

    2. Expedition Yak, looks gorgeous aswell as having the biggest use for someone who changes his transmogs more than all females combined their shoes.

    3. Magic Rooster/Wooly White Rhino Not yet, but soon dear gold wallet...
    Heavenly onyx serpent is bad because it can't walk :(

    Would be so good if blizz just gave it a walking animation but it just looks silly on the ground
    i hate you for owning my 2 favorite mounts wich i dont have
    Rivendares mount. It is perfect for holy priests in t5.
    Phosphorescent Stone Drake
    Voidtalon of the Dark Star
    (These 2 cuz they are purple, and purple is best colour)

    Smoldering Ember Wyrm
    (Had to pay 200k for this, but 100% worth)

    I own all these, hoping to get the rare hippogryph in Azsuna soon, but lost it twice so far because of bots/hackers walking up steep slopes :/

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