FOR ARGENT DAWN! (WoW/HotS Free Mount Event)

Argent Dawn

For Azeroth is a Heroes of the Storm event that gives a mount and stimpack on HotS but also a mount in WoW which require you to play 15 games as a warcraft hero with a friend.

I found this perfect opportunity to extend the event to the people of Argent Dawn to provide a boost to both newcomers and veterans who wish to get the Recruit a Friend rewards which gives both new players and veterans some nice rewards.

Not to mention that it would be nice to build up more of a community for the server in Heroes of the Storm.



Newcomer: Raynor and a 5 days stimpack that gives 100% more experience and 150% more gold once you confirm the link. Once at level 10 you get Sylvanas as well.

Veteran: Once you recruit a person and that person reaches level 10 you get a portrait. Once you have recruited 4 people that have reached level 10 you get a Vulture Hover Bike mount.

So lets share our Battletags, Recruit a Friend links and lets kick butt! FOR AZEROTH!

There are also a Argent Dawn channel in HotS so type in /join Argent Dawn to join local folks.


List of Battletags:

Angelus: Casualdaddy#2682
Gormaar: Rextz#2582
Naerdir: Tiber#2936


List of Recruit a Friend links:

Angelus: 2/4 completed.
Naerdir: 0/4 completed.

I will do my best to update the thread as often as possible to fill up the list of RaF and Battletags on the list.

And remember the most important thing of all, the power of friendship or in this case realmship!
I'm in.

My name is Tiber#2936

Have played a fair bit of HOTS, am neither the best nor worst player in the world. None of my MMO friends play it tho so I always play solo.

Sure would love the mount tho, so very interested in playing some games with you folks...

I have never used it :( but my recruit a friend link is -

Recently I have been enjoying learning to play the wow healer Li Li so if anyone wants to help me get the mount I don't mind following you around and providing healz
Probably goes without saying but the fastest way to do this is queue for matches against Beginner AI. Apparently a lot of very selfish people in quick match are throwing games so that might take longer.
Making a 5man premade against beginner A.I is indeed the fastest way to do the event.

I noticed that there are now more people in the Argent Dawn channel in HotS which is pleasent to see and hope it will continue to grow with time.

I will keep updating the thread as more people link their RaF and Battletags.
Going to be online later to do some more progress on the event, do not feel the need to rush it due to trying to save the stimpack so I get it for next weekend to farm experience on few heroes.

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