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7.2 PTR General Discussion
This week’s PTR update contains mostly tuning changes, which include some of the mechanisms around the Broken Shore, but also a large round of adjustments to Legendary items. These adjustments are part of our overall goal to bring Legendaries more in line with each other in terms of value, particularly in how their benefits apply to your primary role (tanking, DPS, or healing).

This first round of adjustments is not comprehensive - in fact, we’ve already made some additional changes since this build was put together, and we expect tuning to continue as part of an ongoing process. Still, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback on these changes, as well as on any other Legendaries that are still in need of tuning. We’ve created a separate thread here with more details on exactly what changes have been made.

Thanks, and happy testing!
Thought you guys would for sure buff the Unholy shoulders. Maybe it's in additional changes though ^^
14/03/2017 19:38Posted by Lore
Still, we’d greatly appreciate your feedback on these changes, as well as on any other Legendaries that are still in need of tuning.

My shaman just obtained "The Deceiver's Blood Pact",

As you said situational legendaries should be better in the situation they apply to. This is purely single target legendary. In aoe you want to spend your maelstrom on earthquake, not earth shock. Yet, it's a very weak legendary for single target at the moment, to the point it's a contender for a worst spot together with prydaz and roots of shaladrassil (generic non dps legendaries)! That's like having a worse stat stick with no self healing...

I can understand the chain lightning legendary is bad on single target as it shines in aoe situations. That is fine. I can't understand that a single target legendary doesn't shine in single target situation! You'd rather have a generic legendary like a bloodlust helmet or the ring that adds you damage based on element / school of the spell used.

This is absolutely contrary to what you said that "useful in all situations" legendaries should be outshined by "situational legendaries that fit that specific situation".

Btw proof made by people better than me:
Second legendary: Aman'Thul's Wisdom

As I mentioned in another thread, I am baffled this didn't get "Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess" treatment and didn't get added "also increases the effect of Rejuvenation" or something similar (increases the effect of rejuvenation when healing a target above 90% HP? anything?)

This is the worst resto-specific legendary mostly helping a bit with pre-hotting a raid before pull because during the fight you'll rarely have people at full HP (unless trivial content, then you don't need help from legendaries).
Third example: Acherus Drapes

This cloak screams for something of utility added to AMS.

How about "Increases the duration of Anti-Magic Shell by 100% and the max absorb amount by 100%"?

Or "any damage it absorbs is dealt back to the original caster of the spell"?

Or "anti-magic shell can now be used while crowd controlled and breaks the crowd control effects"? (well that one might be weird, just throwing ideas)

Or "increases the amount of runic power anti-magic shell grants" or "anti-magic shell grants runic power as if it absorbed x% more damage than it did"?

Make it into something that gives you utility, I think especially increasing the absorb amount would help the problem you often get 0 benefit from increased duration because it reaches the absorb cap before you can even see the longer duration at all.
i wish to give you feedback on the changes to Vengeance DH.

Demonic Wards: Your tattoos reduce all damage taken by 20%, was 10% and increase your Stamina by 55% and your Armor by 75% was 125%.

not only do Demon hunters already got the lowest amount of armor, but Droods are mitigating more Magic damage than what we do. And we are kinda suppose to be the anti magic tank. Give Empower Wards 2 stacks and make it scale with haste and mastery. If you are going to nerf armor gain take it down to 100% instead of 75%.
Until all tanks are viable for mythic Progress and not just druids Nerf Druids or buff the others until we are on a level playing field.
Fourth example, taken from the other thread, but not sure if you're reading feedback there, or you want it all here:

Will of Valeera

This item was already suffering from being a "non dps" legendary for a dps class, but it got another hit when feint energy cost got increased.

People suggested this item should also reduce the energy cost of feint to its pre-nerf status.

I think it's a good idea, it's still a trade off dps for survivability but then maybe you'd feel good for once having this item while soaking souls on mythic Gul'dan, or something. 90% of the time you'd still wish you had a dps one instead.
One more example:
Justice Gaze

No matter how you look at it, it will always be a worse sephuz, because you can proc sephuz with the stun hammer, and on any situation you can't proc sephuz, you also can't proc this one. It has also more restrictive use (HP threshold of the target) and is tied to only one spell (while you can proc sephuz with rebuke, cleanse and probably few other things like a couple of talents).

The only solutions I see is either give it chain of thrayn treatment - completely rework and tie to another spell that doesn't creep into sephuz area of use, or make it revolve around using hammer as a dps button, for example add "and does 4x the damage to targets permanently immune to stuns", you know, the old deep freeze / shatter mechanics.

Or even make the hammer usable from 40 yards away and teleport you to the target when used, you know, that turalyon talent you put in ret during Legion beta and then scrapped it? At least then it would have some uses on extreme mobility required fights.
wtf... so sephuz has the effect of shadow-shoulds+movementspeed+proccchance on CC+ better stats? so where i can sell my shadowshoulders???
the nerfs for the shoulders was too hard....
shoulders: down to 3 stacks...
sephuz: permanent 3%+10%movementspeed+procc of haste... WTF

i thought shadowlegendaries are just fine no hard gap between them...
But now i just see, all shadowlegendaries are weak in comparison to other classes/speccs...

[Rogue Class Mount bug?]

So in this new build, Shadowblade's Murderous Omen is gliding unusually often. The raven is actually gliding more, than beating its wings.
Other mounts (phoenix, drakes, protodrakes, flying horse/saber) dont show this behaviour.
Not sure where to post this feedback but it relates to the latest Developer Q&A and is something that I think developers need to think real hard about as we approach Tomb of Sargeras

This whole idea of maybe letting players use 2piece and 4piece at the same time is really dangerous and could REALLY push people into impossible situations to perform at their best. For instance, the Holy priest T19 2piece is stupid good. And it synergizes immensely with both T20 2piece and 4piece. I can easily imagine having all these equipped becomes absolutely MANDATORY to perform at the highest level.

This pushes us away from ALOT of legendaries, and it would mean that you are forced to find legendaries that don't take up tier slots, which might be difficult for some who don't have these, and it also completely destroys our ability to pick and choose the legendaries we enjoy. I LOVE my Cloak legendary, but I could potentially feel forced to unequip it and insteas use Prydaz and Sephuz. I bet there can arise similar situations for other specs aswell.
Are there any plans for making Curious Coins account wide. like you did with Skyshards back in MoP. would be a step to make this expansion more alt friendly :)

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