[A] MM - Turalyon recruiting DPS for ToS Mythic!

Doomhammer / Turalyon
Magnae Mammae is a mythic raiding guild. We have stood the test of time, starting raiding in March 2005. If you are looking for a stable raiding guild clearing mythic content each tier, and have what we want (see below) then we are the guild for you.

We are actively recruiting:
Melee: DK, Warrior, Druid, Demon Hunter, Rogue, Shaman
Ranged: Warlock, Shaman, Priest, Mage, Druid, Hunter

Good applications for specs we are not actively recruiting will be still considered.

Raid Times:- Server Time (GMT+1):

Wednesday:- 20:00 – 23:00

Thursday:- 20:00 – 23:00

Sunday:- 20:00 – 23:00

Saturday(Optional Alt run):- 20:00 – 23:00

Our expectations and requirements:

In a trial we have some expectations. We value attendance, performance and attitude very highly and these are the key qualities we will be looking at throughout your trial period.

It’s very important to us that you are able to attend the 3 main raids each week so that we can evaluate you properly. Obviously real life comes first (emergencies) however if you know you will consistently miss a particular raid then you should not apply. It is also important that you are prepared and ready for invites 15 minutes before the raid so we can start promptly.

Since we are pushing to do the hardest content in the game at a reasonable pace, you will be required to perform to a certain standard, this means you need to be able to listen to the raid leader, execute our tactics correctly and output the dps/hps we need for that fight. Trials will be required to reach a 50% ranking on average for their gear level. While we do not want to encourage padding or ignoring tactics, this will certainly fail your trial, we do want to ensure that you understand your class/role to a high level and therefore can perform well.

We strive to do the best we can and therefore it is important you share our passion, this means outside of raids we expect you to be doing content to increase your performance, that could involve doing M+ for gear that has synergies fit for your class, that could be AP/legendary farming. We also expect you to read up on your class/role outside of raids. Any fights that you have missed the progress for, you will be expected to catch up on the tactics by talking to someone that was there, reading up the threads for bosses on our forums, or looking at guides online, however since we make our own tactics, I would encourage you to do this as a last resort. Doing these will help you to perform at a level you are proud of and that we want on our team.

A trial period will generally last 4 weeks.

Minor raid details:

Teamspeak is used and required during raids. You will need to be able to understand English.

Loot is to be used so we can increase our progress, therefore we use a loot council system.

Still interested?

Great, you can make an application at mammae.eu or contact us with any questions.

Lumaa: Poro#2971
Smaj: Smaj#2700

Hope to see you among us soon!
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Still need you! Give us a check-out!
edit to our current recruitment! Gnomes are welcome too! :D
the more i bump, the more they come, give us a read! :D
EDIT: 4/10 M, Krosus down!
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Botanist is going along nicely, getting to p3 consistently! Still in need of Ranged and a healer!
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Botanist down! Aluriel here we come!
Aluriel has fallen! Tich is next!
That's right, Tich is dead!
updated recruitment status
8/10M now, also updated recruitment needs
We're still after some ranged, also accepting trials for ToS!
UPDATE: Elisande dead, 9/10M
Updated recruitment for ToS M!
Updated recruitment, hope to hear from you soon!

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