I cant stand on this legendary system anymore

What i found i rly funny is that almost every player, says how system is !@#$ty (for me legion orange items are not even worth calling warcraft legendary, compared to Thunderfury or Sulfuras for example, i mean how you can compare Hammer of Firelord or Wind Elemental's Prince Sword to %^-*in rng random item without any lore aside from it's description that you get for kickin squirels o_0), and yet blizzard keep pushing with that system instead of admit "sorry guys we !@#$ed up, we re removing legion legendarys from the game since system design is plain bad". They would gain so much respect from players imo if they show the balls to do that. I guess my main problem with it is that they change definition of what it means "Legendary item". Oh and don't forget immortal "If everyone got legendary, then it's not rly legendary" ;)

Real Question is though, if they are going to try sell us same %^-*ty system in next expac. Let's hope not
24/02/2017 17:19Posted by Hardtra

Just because someone not in a top guild that doesn't mean that he don't want to perform well, even if someone in a pug raid/heroic raiding guild its still bad feeling when a worse player outperform you only because of his luck with legendaries.

You can still perform well without BiS legendaries. They are providing you additional power in certain situations but you'll still be better if you learn your class.

24/02/2017 17:25Posted by Subbie

I used to agree with this myself, but only because I thought my BiS legendary was close... Obviously, it never was.

Ergo, you never did.

24/02/2017 17:25Posted by Subbie
Being 10% damage & a chunk of survivability behind for no reason other than gear RNG is stupid, regardless of if you're in Exorsus or LFR hell.

And why would you need all that extra power in LFR? Really, where you people get these ideas.

24/02/2017 19:03Posted by Idrisha

Real Question is though, if they are going to try sell us same %^-*ty system in next expac. Let's hope not

Tbh all of these items look like potential talent testing for next expansion, not a real system. Same as TBC was "test expansion", and they threw tons of new ideas at us (some were good and live till today in improved forms, some were terrible and never seen again), and I really don't mind that kind of testing, because at some point it will make game much better in the future. And just because few people cry about their bad luck, or claiming that legendary system benched them from raiding heroic or mythic (which apart from top guilds is just bull), it does not mean Blizzard should stop these tests. Imo they should throw even more legendaries at us with even more different effects and keep us from using more than 2 at once so they can see what we choose, when and why and later adjust next expansion according to data gathered through Legion.
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24/02/2017 02:50Posted by Seleste
Today I looted my 6th and worst one legendary and now I have ALL 6 WORST ONES JUST FOR 1 SPEC . Am playing since the relase of the expansion - got 84 days played at this level ( which is alot more than average ) ppl at 6 legendaries change their loot spec at this point coz 99% of the ppl with 6 or more have at least 1 bis legendary and i somehow managed to get all worst ones just for 1 loot spec and now i have to waste even more legendary spots until i get my bis one just for this spec and i cant even change my loot spec to play another coz i already wasted so many tries on 1 spec. I've been doing huge amount of mythic+, raids and daily caches every day to get something good and after a half year i managed to get all the piece of crap that u can possible loot for 1 spec. How am i supposed to continue playing like this? I feel so demotivated to grind or to even play after this.. I feel my character useless - spend 6 months of grinding for nothing and even now when the legendary drop rate is increased its easier for the new players to compete me with short amount of time played. So explain me blizzard how am i supposed to be motivated to play this game and pay u after this? Yea its angry post but the few of u who farmed during the whole expansion and geting piece of crap one after another legendaries will understand me, its nothing to be done no1 will refundme the grinding or the 6 wasted legendary luck spots. Please som1 from blizzard answer me with post how is this normal and how players like me should feel.

proof - https://postimg.cc/image/r5bhhv62p/

Poor implemented legendary system, should have been tested on PTR for a few years before being added to the game. YEY! More RNG in Legion!

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