Ideas for fixing useless havoc legendaries

Demon Hunter
Havoc have 3 legendaries that are more or less useless atm. When I say useless, I mean, you would never equip them over all others, and thats a indication, that they arent worth getting.

Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers ( Bracer )
Achor, the Eternal Hunger ( Chest )
Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice ( Boots )

Id like to hear from you, what you think could be done to these legendaries, so they actually can be somehow useful, over the others.

Boots for example, I think adding 1 or 2 extra fel rush + fel rush dmg improve, would make them worth taking for old fel rush spec.

Bracers could make throw glaive 50% stronger and maybe hit more enemies?

Chest needs a rework imo, currently freakin useless. I dont have an idea, how to fix it, but I would love to hear from others who have an great idea.
Lucky me 2 of my 2 legendaries are exactly the ones you're talking about.

So what would I change ...

> Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers ( Bracer )
Maybe making it stronger for single target like it deals x% more damage if it only hits one target. As the Demon Blade build is using it as a filler anyways, it could become more viable.

> Achor, the Eternal Hunger ( Chest )
Tough one. If you want to stick with a blur mechanic you could add that while blur is active you gain more Fury or a secondary stat is temporarily increased.

> Loramus Thalipedes' Sacrifice ( Boots )
Well to me the boots doesn't seem as bad as the other two (as unlike the bracers, fel rush doesn't cap at 3 targets). Although I don't want to empower Momentum as I dislike the mechanic, you could have an effect that every further Momentum added while one is already up it extends the duration for x-seconds.
The fel rush boots used to have a 20% damage bonus. Got nerfed to 5%, then buffed to 10%. Problem is that it does nothing on single target tho.

Extra fel Rush charges wouldnt be too useful, you dont want to overwrite Momentum.

But what if the boots made Fel Rush leave a burning felfire line on ground? Much like the firecharge of wariors, but something that actually does damage.
In a perfect world (of warcraft) I would like legendarys to buff spells / adds proccs that makes you able to build your spec around. Kinda like in Diablo 3. Haven't played that in ages now but I like the idea that the items can drasticly change your skill choice and play style. For example with the crusader in Diablo 3 some seasons ago you could make a really good shield throw build if you got the right shild that splitted your shield into 3. Or the monk in d3 when you had innas set I think with boots that made your elementals really strong.

I want the same thing with legendary in wow. Bracers should make your throw glaive so good so you want to spec into bloodlet and motg. And boots should make gel rush so good so you want to go momentum. Aothg makes demon blades the better choice now I guess and this is what I'm after. Guess it's next to impossible to balance, but it would be fun :).

Bracers would be cool if throw glaive split the glaive on its first impact into 3 lesser glavies that still bounces 3 times so you get a nice shotgun effect with them. Maybe even that the 3 lesser glavies "boomerangs" back and hit the first mob a second time if they can't bounce off to any other.

I really like the idea with a fire trail from the boots. Would make momentum talent alot more worth taking and it should be a % of gel rush damage so that talent in the first row also gets useful.

Don't even remember the chests bonus but makes that so twice the amount of souls spawns when you kill an enemy or use demonic appetite. Would make a great boost for demonic uptime.

Head could buff eyebeam some more. Not sure how since I really like how it works now for multitarget, but add something like "if only one enemy is hit by your eye-beam, you gain 20% haste for 8 seconds"(meta duration after a eye-beam) or something so it's good for single target aswell.

Belt I dislike because it is just plain boring. Make it add change to gameplay somehow.
I wholly agree that Cinidaria needs a change, its too bland and uninspired.

Since the demon in the belt mimicks you, give it a chance to copy your next spender ability with no health restriction. Would probably need an icd.

And for Achor, not sure of how to save that one.
Gain a stacking damage buff everytime you consume a soul fragment.

Would encourage use of abilities that generates soul fragments.
Is it just me or is the secondary stats on boots really low?

Give me belt or shoulders!

I expect to see several of the underperforming havoc legendaries get a boost upwards. Though I also expect to see Anger of the Half Giants getting nerfbatted again, its still way to good for havoc.

Speculation, a potential hard nerf to Aothg might cause Demon blades to fall out of favor due to lack of reliable fury and fury starvation with the low procrate of the talent. Since it only really becomes effective with the one ring and having 2p19. Which we will soon abandon in next tier.

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