[H] TESSELLATE 5/10M Recruiting.

Twisting Nether
Tessellate is a mythic guild based on Twisting Nether currently recruiting for progression into NH mythic.

Raid days: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Times: 20:30 - 23:30.

Currently recruiting healers and DPS of all classes!

Please leave a reply or contact in game! BNET ID mejren#2121

Thank you for your interest!

2nd boss down

3rd boss 3%!

Looking for Boomkin and Mage
Also need Resto Shaman

Still recruiting

Resto Shammy

Any good RDPS as well!
Krosus down to 16%

Monday is pay day!

Need healers and RDPS ASAP!

Still need RDPS and heals :)
Hey there if youre looking for a tank
I would be really interested in your guild as Im looking for a guild that is passionate about raiding and setting goals but also lives in harmony and a friendly enviroment. right now im very unhappy with my guild situation as Im just in a Level Guild with no social aspects whatsoever.
Im Prot warrior 901, but you can just check my armory for further progress information. I havent gotten to actually imporoving my offspec as im not even finished with being done on my mainspecc. Ive also gotten into gearing up my fury specc recently. its not really good yet, but its getting there..

I would be happy to maybe join teamspeak conversation or any other kind of voice chat interview if you please.

Greetings from germany
Still looking for Resto Shaman and ranged DPS with the exception of Rogues!

Preferred classes: Frost Mage, Elemental Shaman, Affliction Warlock, Balance Druid.

Still looking for outstanding players to expand our roster.

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