[H] <Full Momentum> 8/10M NH

Twisting Nether
Full Momentum are looking to round out our numbers for our mythic progression squad. We are looking for any exceptional and reliable DPS - We do not currently have any Rogues, Ele Shaman or a Windwalker but would rather take dedicated people that fit in well to our team over the class played.

Our aim is to clear cutting edge content in a timely fashion each raid tier, taking a serious approach to each raid but with a fun environment on & comms between pulls.

The main raiding schedule is Wednesday & Sunday - 8:00pm - 12:00pm realm time. We also have the occasional extra raids to complete older content or alt runs if the demand is there.

We are a friendly guild and often have high mythic+ groups running and an active discord with other games also being played between guildies. If you are able to get to London and enjoy the social side of things we are also planning another meet up in the near future.

If you want to have a chat please contact myself (kaney#2562) or Aértés (Hodgy01#2433)
Now 2/7M, soon to be 3! Looking for 1-2 super reliable DPS, get in touch for a talk with myself or one of the officers.
Now 3/7M, would just like to hear from 1-2 ranged dps now - especially a warlock/elemental shaman but will consider other classes as well!
899 Resto Druid with 3/10

Send me an invite if you are interested! :)

Scoogie#21677 :)
If you still need a rogue, my tag is Zira#2476
Hi thanks for the replies & I will contact you on bnet :)
Bump - still interested in hearing from any reliable ranged DPS with relevant raiding experience!
Bump for reset day - chance to get in on some mythic raiding with us this week for a trial!
Still interested in ranged dps with similar experience for 7.2
Now 4/7M with 5 coming tomorrow! Interested in speaking to any reliable ranged classes and a tank with a DPS offspec.
04/04/2017 13:14Posted by Rïven
Now 4/7M with 5 coming tomorrow! Interested in speaking to any reliable ranged classes and a tank with a DPS offspec.
DK tank with 907 ilvl , OS Frost with 902 Ilvl
Exp( Mythic EN , HC TOV , 10/10 NH HC )
can play 7/7 week
Highly capable of learning and listening
Highly respecting order , raid timers & penalties
Highly loving socials
For more info
Battle net : Ellord#2240
5/10 mythic now still looking for reliable ranged!
Hey there if youre looking for a tank
I would be really interested in your guild as Im looking for a guild that is passionate about raiding and setting goals but also lives in harmony and a friendly enviroment. right now im very unhappy with my guild situation as Im just in a Level Guild with no social aspects whatsoever.
Im Prot warrior 881, but you can just check my armory for further progress information. I havent gotten to actually imporoving my offspec as im not even finished with being done on my mainspecc.

I would be happy to maybe join teamspeak conversation or any other kind of voice chat interview if you please.

Greetings from germany
bump still looking for exceptional and reliable dps!
bump 7/10 mythic and looking for some ranged dps!
Hey, guys! If you are still looking for dps I would love to have a chat. What you would expect from me:

    Have been raiding semi hardcore before
    Led my own guild back in cata
    Capable of learning, listening and adapting
    Very social

bump for 8/10 mythic
Hey, do you still need a ww monk?
Add Hodgy01#2433 or kaney#2562 and we can have a chat :)

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