Eternal Chaos Needs YOU!!!

Twisting Nether
we are a long standing casual raiding guild who due to some players wanting other things are looking to recruit players to continue our raiding progress which currently stands at 8/10hc

our main aim is to recruit mature ppl to the guild who want to progress but in a social friendly environment

working together over time we can down bosses and progress in both nighthold and future content

Raid nights are wednesday and thursday 20:00-23:00 and we use teamspeak as our form of communication

if this sounds of interest to you leave a post on here or contact cowanbob or cowpatricia on game

Hope to hear from you soon!!
Yes all Horde players are welcome to join us!!
getting a few new people now...come join us guys
we are still looking for all players to join us !
Hey there.
I would be really interested in your guild as Im looking for a guild that is passionate about raiding and setting goals but also lives in harmony and a friendly enviroment. right now im very unhappy with my guild situation as Im just in a Level Guild with no social aspects whatsoever.
Im Prot warrior 881, but you can just check my armory for further progress information. I havent gotten to actually imporoving my offspec as im not even finished with being done on my mainspecc.

I would be happy to maybe join teamspeak conversation or any other kind of voice chat interview if you please.

Greetings from germany
I have to add that i have an exam coming up on march 22nd which means i wont have as much ingame time until after :)
Hi, I'm rerolling to TN with a lock (currently leveling) and I'm looking for a chill guild to raid with on Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. I'm a mature player with a focused eye on raiding with a funny attitude. I have always raided end game content until my son was born 6 months ago and I took a 5 month break. Now I'm back in the game for some casual raiding and looking for a new home on the horde side.

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