[H] <Rabid Porcupine> 3/10M - 2 nights - LF DPS

Looking for Players – PvE
Hi there!

Rabid Porcupine are currently looking for raiders to continue clearing mythic raid content after finishing EN.

We are seasoned WoW veterans whom have been playing together since vanilla on Bladefist EU. Since then there’s been ups and downs, pauses and quitters, legendaries and dkcockades and everything in between. We’re now back together and are now looking for additional players for mythic progress. We have recruited since killing Helya HC and have managed to clear EN Mythic within a few raid nights.

Although we only raid twice a week we have all previously been part of hardcore raiding guilds, from Ragnaros 1.0 to Heroic Garrosh we’ve seen it and as such enjoy progression. From applicants we require high attendance, flexible attitude, ability to be vocal when necessary and a solid understanding of your class.

We currently raid two nights per week Thursdays and Tuesdays 20:00-24:00 server time and are recruiting ranged and melee DPS. Additionally, we have an optional alt raid on Saturdays. We also regularly run mythic+ runs, chat in discord and play other games.

If you're interested in seeing whether we're any good here are our logs.

If you have any other questions contact Xykosa(bmbr#2127), Treesa/Aribeth/Oriss(KarmicKoala#2884) or Fatbmml(Superspaz#1916) ingame.

TLDR: Be good, Thur / Tue 2000-2400, DPS classes, swift mythic progress with minimal raid hours.

still looking.
help us push that 4th kill.
did some ToV cleanup.
considering all DPS classes.

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