How is 50 euro for char boost

50 is way too much, 30 sounds about right compared to a few days work.
50 euro is 2.5 hours of work for me.
It take me ALOT longer to level and a !@#$ing hate leveling.

Easy choice, I bought 3 boosts a few months ago.
My only gripe with the boost system is that to level professions to 600 the boosted character has to be at lvl 60. However, after finding that DK start at 55 I expect to boost 3-4 of them in the near future.
Self-RAFing is a much cheaper way to level not one but several characters. And more fun too, I especially like dual-playing the tank-heal combo in dungeons (extremely fast + different kind of gameplay). This will give you a bunch of 91 level characters for 7.49 euros.

Then Levels 91-99 is super fast especially if you have flying in Draenor.

Then Level 100 -> 101 = Tanaan jungle treasures (20 minutes if you have flying)

Thus there is no real financial point in paying for a single character boost
Obviously Blizzard prefer that you actually level up the character and learn how to play it, so you won't cause unpleasant time to other people in your group, while playing character you are unable to play. Service is overpriced with that in mind I guess.
23/02/2017 17:12Posted by Zaflis
If it was cheap, why would anyone bother with the level 1-110 grind anymore?

Because more money for BLizz.

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