Legacy Rush looking for ppl to join our raidteam

Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
Legacy Rush is mainly a social guild and help each other if needed. We run mythic normal and mythic+ on weekly basis to help ppl to gear up.

So if you are interested in raiding but haven't that much of experience I think our team is good for you. So far we have done 7/10 on heroic. We raid wednesday and sundays so need to be able to raid those days. Our home is on Veknilash server.

If interested whisp me in game or answer this tread. You can add me as battle tag friend also it is uschfyfan#2575 if interested.

Cya on the Broken Isle
We are now in need of a healer and a tank. We are almost done on normal and closing in on hc progression.
We are now on 7/10 on hc and need more ppl to join our Guild and raidteam. We are currently using Master loot, during raid.

We are now looking for more ppl to join our team for Tomb of Sargeras. We have done 10/10 hc in Nghthold but will continue to run it until Tomb of Sargeras opens. We might even try the first bosses on mythic, depends on composition of the team.

Add me as battletag friend for more info uschfyfan#2575

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