"Xenrindor" 2/10M Recruiting.

Twisting Nether
<Xenrindor> [H][Twisting-Nether] is a semi-hardcore raiding guild which is looking for new people to rebuild its Mythic roster for progressing further into Nighthold Mythic.

Our current progression is 2/10M NH, 7/7M EN and we intend to also be getting Cutting Edge in NH Mythic as we successfully managed to do it in EN Mythic.

Thus, we are looking for new potential members with dps/healer specs with at least full hc clear or similar progress, but we also welcome people with good logs to apply.

we are searching for skilled players who are looking to continue their NH mythic progression as we do, while we're also offering to have it done in a pleasent, friendly and fun atmosphere.

As we know we are not the only guild having these issues, we are open to work with other guilds which find themselves in a similar situation for being able to progress further into NH Mythic,
as we think this approach would benefit both sides to continue enjoying the game.

Our usual raid schedule is Wed/Thu/Mon 20:00-23:00 server time and we use Discord as voice communication system at the moment.
You can find our progress here: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/twisting-nether/Xenrindor

Thank you for reading our post and for more information, please feel free to post your questions below or send us in-game whispers to Veyles, Obsession, Therinna
I am currently looking for a guild to progress mythic with as I am pretty much stuck in HC forever
899 prot 39 New traits
899 fury 37 old traits
I mained prot in the past 9 months but tbh I am a dps in gyárt
My exp:
9/10H 3/3H 1/7M
4/13M hfc
6/7H HM (7/7M during HFC)
7/10H BRF (10/10M during HFC)
13/14H old norm SOO
Did pretty much everything on norm in cata

Those raid times would be perfect for me

My old guild?
My guild where I am an Officer falls apart and I just cant take staying up 1am due to irl issues.
Still looking for more members to join us as we progress through mythic!
Hey, Im currently looking for a guíld trats progging mythic nighthold
Im a Prot warrior w 43 traits, and been tanking pretty much for the last couple of months.
currently 10/10 hc multiple kills

i can still get some piece of gear from nighthold heroic, that would be BiS for me, but im almost done with getting that gear and its time for the next challenge :)
We downed our Third mythic tonight! Still looking for more!

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