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Join us live on Thursday, March 9, at 8:00 p.m. CET (7:00 p.m. GMT), as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka for our next live developer Q&A where he’ll be answering your World of Warcraft: Legion PvP questions. If you’re an esports fan, you’ll also want to tune in to hear from WoW esports team manager Jeramy McIntyre who will be sharing a little more on the WoW Arena World Championship for 2017.

You can submit your questions here in this thread or on Twitter by using the hashtag #LegionQA.

As a reminder, please keep your questions short (40 words or less) so that we can get to as many questions as possible. We look forward to you joining us live on Thursday!
Will you balance the classes?

Any plans to implement the templates in duels?

Also some feedback, really dont like the template system for instanced pvp. Feels like there is no way to customize or progress im pvp esp without pvp vendors.
Good job so far in the expansion on communication & listening to players, much better than previous expansions.

Are there any pvp talent overhauls planned? Too many specs are currently far too centered around dealing damage, and we need buttons back. This design leads to nerfs leaving classes unviable as they bring nothing else to the table.

Hi! What will happen to Blood Death Knights? Will T20 set bonus be changed to smth useful? Are you going to change BDK's new traits - especially Souldrinker? Can you do smth with our mastery, DPS and damage reduce?

All these questions are frequently asked on the forum and no one answers them. BDKs need dialog.

Edit: many players think that versatility isn't a really good stat, and nobody really stacks it. It's a great thing when u get it from Vantus runes or as third, additional stat, like move speed, but it's not really good as what it is now. Can you please rework versatility?
During the Legion development, what design team decided which spells become PvP exclusive talents? For an example (no bias), Anti-Magic Zone for Death Knights.
Is it possible to make leveling through pvp a bit faster since the current character boost only goes to level 100?

For me and my friends, and probably some other people too I guess, one of the things that's holding us back in the decision to come back is the grind required just to be able to pvp.
We all did the legion leveling once or twice already.
But (and I'm speaking for myself now) I used the trial on an elemental shaman and a sub rogue, did some skirmishes with them and I absolutely loved to play both of them! So I really wanted to come back to play ele and sub rogue in pvp but it's almost impossible considering the time it would require to make this happen and considering that I'm in college.

First of all (and this is where the question comes from) you'd have to level all the way up which will require me to come home after class and "waste" hours on leveling that I don't want to do for a couple of days . Or I could pay 50 bucks for a boost, but then I still need to do the 100-110 leveling.
And then the grind just begins, because then there's all this AP to grind, and Honor levels that we don't have, and having to do world quests. All this to pvp just doesn't feel worth it.

Point being me and my friends are in college and we really love to pvp in wow and we want to come back but it's almost impossible to realise.
I realise that there is more to the game. But what I really like the most is just to come home and queue up some 3s arenas. Isn't there any way to make this work?
Thanks in advance.

I realise I've been talking from me and my friends point of view but I guess everyone has their own story/situation and I believe there's more people that feel like this.
Are you going to buff windwalker damage(PvP) or should i let my sub just run out?
03/03/2017 21:23Posted by Balia
Are you going to buff windwalker damage(PvP) or should i let my sub just run out?
What are your thoughts on not competitive PvP talents that are never chosen ?
Thank you
You played around with the idea that reducing pvp damage by 40% on default across the board while keeping healing on the same level. This change was reverted as you said it would be to big of a change (Which makes sence).

But the idea of it seems good, the game has a lot of damage in general and having certain compositions in arena use interrupts on a shaman locking him out for 1 second each consecutively with other stuns and cc's covering the downtime of interrupts.

Are you looking into making healers a bit stronger and or reduce the amount of interrupts currently in the game?
I do understand from a game design perspective that an RPG game no matter what type of content within the game you enjoy, you should feel character progression while playing the game.

For pvp'ers there is still a lot of RNG based on how you receive gear, and that can be very frustrating. On top of the fact that honor talents have to be farmed for alts(Good to see you have adressed this in 7.2) Lastly artifact power gains in PvP compared to PvE content still seems somewhat lackluster.

Do you have any plans to make it easier to obtain gear in pvp on a more stable rate. I will be a sad sad PvPer if i get my 15th++ 885+ trinket.
Will you be making any changes in terms of gearing from PvP?

Currently, it`s unable to gear from it due to RNG of drop, and 10 wins per week to get only one item.
Can you seperate 2s and 3s skirms again? Alot of healers who que for skirms dont even join. im kinda tired of these 2v3 matches
04/03/2017 02:29Posted by Ineédyou
Can you seperate 2s and 3s skirms again? Alot of healers who que for skirms dont even join. im kinda tired of these 2v3 matches

+1 and I'm also tired of getting 2s games when I want to play 3s games

Are you going to give us some more buttons to press and admit that you have taken away too much from pretty much every class.

Most PvPers feel the same way I would imagine. Less buttons means its less obvious to tell which players are playing well.
In legion it feels like anyone can pick up any class and play it to a reasonable level, which sure is fun for a while, but Id rather know one class inside out and be able to show that than be able to multi class easily.

You have started to go in the right direction by giving a few classes some more baseline spells but we need more.

Another thing I would like to see is PvP templates in duels and world PvP, or at the very least allow 1v1 wargame duels to happen. There is only so much standing outside a faction city and dueling oneshotting people I can take before it just gets boring ;)


Oh and glad to see some actual rewards are finally being brought in (Lol 2 seasons too late) but some more at the lower levels is needed. The majority of players will not even get to 2k for the transmog never mind enchant etc.

Why not look at the old PvP gearing system such as allow part of the transmog for certain rating such as 1.6k chest, 1.9k helm 2k shoulders/full set.

Or add something else such as different coloured/or pattens on the

Which ever way something at the lower levels is needed really.. Why would players even want to PvP if the gears ilvl is lower than what they can get for PvE and there are no rewards.
Do you plan to improve warrior's survivability in PvP, now is just not viable class anymore compared to others.
Will you give more buttons and make specc diffrent playstyle from each other? We all know its 123 for all speccs atm.
- Plans to add further PvP Brawl modes at some point in the future?

- Will you make Tank classes more useful in instanced PvP or at least give them increased dps to compensate for their current lack of Tankiness?

- Any plans to fix Ashran and update the gear drops for 110?

- Return of PvP gear vendors, instead of or in addition to the RNG gear rewards?

- Any plans for more consistent drop rates of marks of honor from instanced PvP or some alternate, but more reliable way to earn them?

- Any interest in Blizzard doing a complete overhaul of the ancient PvP side of the game?

- Will we EVER see new Battlegrounds and Arenas added?

- Can you improve open-world pvp, such as activating pvp stat templates outside of instanced pvp?
We now have infinite vision in BGs, I /target an enemy and I get his location via nameplates, unless stealthed. Is this good?

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