Patch 7.2 Content Release Timeline

We’ve seen some confusion around the availability and timing of various aspects of the 7.2 patch, and we’d like to clarify our plans for releasing the remaining pieces of Patch 7.2’s content:

  • Week 2 (next week): Legion Assaults begin, first PvP Brawl becomes available
  • Week 3: Chapter 5 of the Class Order Hall campaign unlocks, which activates new followers, new Order Hall upgrades, and class-specific World Quests
  • Weeks 4-11: Ongoing story pieces unlock, leading up to the eventual opening of the Tomb of Sargeras raid, and the ability to earn Class Mounts

Several of these pieces tie into the overarching story being told in 7.2: our return to the Broken Shore for vengeance, followed by the Legion’s response, and the eventual buildup toward the assault on the Tomb of Sargeras and Kil’jaeden himself. With the release of Patch 7.2, that series of events is set into motion, but they don’t all occur immediately. For example, the upcoming Legion Assaults are a direct response to our initial attack on the Broken Shore. Those assaults, in turn, prompt some of the later parts of the Order Hall campaign. These events occur in a chronological order, and we want to give players the chance to be there as it happens, rather than having some of it unfold off-screen or rushing it along.

But aside from the narrative, pacing content releases helps with clear direction and player focus. During PTR testing, where we had the calendar advanced to allow for testing of all content in parallel, players were pulled in many different directions from the outset. While the heart of the patch lies on the Broken Shore, Legion Assaults were drawing players back to the original Broken Isles zones, and many Order Campaign questlines sent players to other expansions’ continents. With the content release structure we settled on, Broken Shore can stand alone as the initial focus of attention. We didn’t open the Tomb of Sargeras raid with the patch because we don’t want to rush players who are still progressing through Nighthold, but that same sort of logic applies to nearly all other features.

We apologize that that hasn’t been clear enough from the start, but hope that this will help relieve some concerns.
Not only has it not been clear enough, it's pretty abysmal communication and planning. Whilst yes it makes sense to have things happen in a chronological order you could easily have that order happen because of a quest line not because you locked off content until another week. That kind of action just kills player enthusiasm. I was really excited for this patch but after seeing how little there is to do in the first week I've lost all excitement for the rest of it.

Not only have lots of things changed since PTR without us being told (the amount of resources required to build the buildings for a start) but I'd rather be pulled all over the map by different quests than have nothing new to do at all.

A couple of things I don't get I'd love some clarification on. If Blizz really wants us to experience things a week at a time with a story building up a long the way then fine but why:

1. Can't we farm legionfall resources from killing mobs/broken isles world quests? Pretty sure taking enemy weapons and things could be pretty handy and surely we could find some useful stuff whilst doing old world quests (and give us more reason to go back and do them outside of AP grind), especially with the insane increase in resources required.

2. Farm legionfall rep in some way. Even if I had to kill 50,000 enemy mobs getting 1 rep per mob, I'd be fine with that. Some sense of progression is needed. This could also be linked to gathering resources, given we get some rep whenever we hand 100 in.

3. Why isn't there any kind of explanation to why the quests suddenly end? Surely Khadgar would say something along the lines of "Ok we've got a foothold, now to make sure it's secure and we're prepared for an enemy counter attack before we continue pushing forward". Instead we get nothing, it's literally just "Finish the quest....." and that's it. Story wise it's horribly done imo. I'm sure it'll make sense in future when more content is available but as it is now being gated, it's extremely disjointed and confusing. I feel less like I'm taking part in a story than I am just popping over to kill a couple of dudes as a favour.

4. Again I get they want to release things in chronological order but time gating invasions makes little sense. Surely as soon as the legion saw us amassing our forces on their doorstep they'd counter attack, they wouldn't wait a week. It's another example of when a quest line progression makes more sense than a weekly gated system. Once you finish the quests to attack the broken shore, get another quest to defend the broken isles and unlock the invasion world quest events.

Overall I understand Blizzards intentions but I think the execution of a lot of things were way off the mark. You went from PTR pulling everyone everywhere all at once to scaling way too far back and giving us too little to do in the first week. I know you don't want to throw the story all at once at players but for a patch that was as hyped up as this one, the opening available content was lacking to say the least.

I really hope they loosen up the planned restrictions and give us something else to do to give us a sense of progress. Again I hate grinding but I'd happily do it for rep or resources if it felt like I was making some progress in the story even if I wasn't actually completing any story quests. It makes no sense for us to come to the Broken Shore to just leave again so soon and go back to old content.
Wait more story stuff isn't unlocking until three weeks from now? -_- H'okay I'm out then. No point continuing my sub until it's clear everything is accessible.
29/03/2017 23:03Posted by Silverbiter
Wait more story stuff isn't unlocking until three weeks from now? -_- H'okay I'm out then. No point continuing my sub until it's clear everything is accessible.

Try and down Guldan LFR first before you demand more content ;) Also telling the forums that you will cancel your sub... NOBODY will care. its just 13 euros or so. You think they care? LOL
29/03/2017 23:09Posted by Frost
Try and down Guldan LFR first before you demand more content ;) Also telling the forums that you will cancel your sub... NOBODY will care. its just 13 euros or so. You think they care? LOL

Yes because Guldan LFR is a priority on my Alt. I'm also hardly demanding more content when I'm saying I'll quit until it's available. Also a six month sub in pounds is a lot more than just 13 euros.
Man, 7.2 does not have enough content to pull this gating. I actually took the day off to explore the new patch and was flabbergasted at finding myself with perhaps hour and half of content. Perhaps two hours if including the new dungeon. And we have another week of this lack of anything?

Slowly reseting WQs, uninteresting Sentinex grinding (seriously uninteresting, done it for a bit ended with 200 shards or so. Killed this big dude that spawned and got 19 shards from it), one time quests, dumb faction tagging making trying to be under Sentinax a game of bullying the other faction instead of, you know, playing together. Ignoring roleplay (factions hate each other, rah rah rah!) we're gamers gaming together. Having to bully the other faction out so we can play is not... not fun. Not fun, not interesting, and leaves a bad taste. Those who have their little pet hates against the other faction have already rolled on PvP servers to assuage it.

I suppose next week is when we can finally sink our teeth in working for flying, but the 'it will take around two weeks' that a blue mentioned included this gating or was it an optimistic 'all content (invasions included) are presented when 7.2 comes'?
I really dislike the way time gating has been implemented in the last couple of expansions, but it's become increasingly problematic in Legion to the point where it's really having a detrimental impact on my enjoyment of the content.

The Nightborne story was by far my favourite questline I've ever experienced in WoW. I was emotionally invested, impressed with the quest design, and excited to see what happened next. Some of the reputation-gated parts were a little slow in coming, but at least they felt like something I was working towards by helping out the faction via all my regular world quests.

Then the story continued in 7.1 and decided to withhold all of its progression behind time gates. Rather than spending a week or two enjoying this as I had with the meat of the launch content, my enthusiasm gradually dried up as week after week passed with barely 30 minutes of story progression every seven days. After a few weeks I simply didn't care any more, because too much time had elapsed between the beginning of the Nightborne story and its eventual conclusion. I just waited until all the quests had come out before completing them, and the whole experience was tinged with a reluctant sense of "Well, I guess I'd better finish this off" rather than the enthusiasm of "Ooh, let me keep going to see what happens next!"

If content (especially story content) is to be gated at all, then it should be gated by reputation or some other mechanic that the player can actively work towards. Limiting content completion via time gates is one of the absolute worst ways to prolong player engagement, and it feels like a horribly shallow way of trying to keep people playing for all the wrong reasons. It's like when TV shows commission 30 episodes on a budget meant for 12, and then spread them out over the course of a year with lengthy season breaks. When you stretch content thin, it feels thin. If the intention is to keep people playing for a long time, then the focus should be on creating fun, dynamic, highly replayable content, not release schedules that crawl along at a snail's pace.

7.2 seemed like a pretty great patch overall. I was crazily excited for flying, class mounts, and the solo challenges. But am I still going to be excited for those things by the time I get the chance to experience them? I don't know. I hope so, but time gates have a history of making me apathetic toward content that I should've loved.

If features aren't coming until nearly three months into this patch, then why are they even in this patch? Aren't we likely to already be on the brink of 7.2.5 by then?

Time gates do not create more, or better content. All they do is spread existing content thin. I was initially very excited to log in today, but right now I feel like I would've been better served waiting another month or more until I'm actually able to sink my teeth into what 7.2 has to offer.
I'm not usually one to moan. I love WoW and have been a casual player for years and Legion has been amazing. I was super excited for the patch but I was a bit surprised that the quest line just ended with no explanation in-game. I spent some time googling it and trying to figure out what I was missing before I stumbled across this thread. This is the first time I've played through a patch just as it's come out and it's a bit surprising to me that it's time gated. I still have a way to go before I'm on top of the Nighthold content so I suppose I'll just go back to doing that, but I expected to have way too much to do when actually I've done it all in a few hours today...!
Timegating is a disgusting practice, either deliver content worth being subbed for or pike off.

No investment in new art, outside of the upcomming raid, which im certain was finished well in time, you guys used to deliver. Last 2-3 expacs you have really started to show your activision shareholder fluffer mentallity.

Oh and F*** pet battle weekly quests. Just make that pet battle crap an optional bi-weekly quest, and keep rotating actual interesting stuf.


EVERYONE. ( xept dem pokemon weirdos )
Will the class mounts require exalted status with "Armies of Legionfall" or is it accessible with the completion of chapter 11?

If exalted is required, does it only count per character or account wide via achievement?

I can not imagine that even someone who wants to collect all 12 class mount sets would be motivated to grind reputation 12 times over.
While the final reward is purely cosmetic, it also is a linear progression content and should be alt-friendly to avoid repetition. Especially since a unique and worthwhile mount-story for each class is locked behind it.
A little off-topic, but relevant in context:

Can you please double the amount of Broken Shore world quests?

5 quests of new content each day does not really feel like much to do to fill the gaps of each weeks content, it also feels like a really slow progress.

There should at least be a boosting period in the first few days, with more reputation- and supply-rewards (i.e. by adding more world quests per day).
I don't want to shard about it , how you broke my patch....
Are you realy kidding us ?

Where is the fckng content we hyped about 7.2

You only gave us bugs , fail ilvl scale system and short demo of quest chain. Crappy broken shore also yea.

Wtf are those week ?! Why invasions didnt start yet ??? Omfg 11 week for class hall quest ?....

Is this april fool joke ?
Gosh, we have been too busy to inform our loyal customer base, haven't we?

I heard this so many times before, it is getting stale....

Maybe I am too busy to pay for game time when it runs out on March 30.

Maybe too busy for a week or 4.....
Bit crap we have to wait 4 weeks min to start our class mount quests or max 11 weeks even worse. I understand locking a story quest chain that ties into the new raid like suramar and locking new raids but to lock stuff like the class mount quest chain and order hall quests is abit crap. Its like you giving us a cake then saying but you can only have 1 piece now, when it should be up to us how much of it we want to eat now or save for later.
Even a game on life support such as SW:TOR did a better job of spacing out content than what you're doing right now.

For one, I got all the story parts for the price of a single month's sub. Also got a much more engaging story than what you're offering right now.

I was legitimately flabbergasted to learn I was done after a grand total of 30 minutes yesterday and now have to wait for your permission to do another 30. Please get a grip and don't send ANOTHER expansion down the drain, especially one with such potential.
I am returning player, this is my 2nd account. I stopped playing when Pandas came and when i saw legion i re subbed. So far legion was fun and everything was in order but after i did everything i can in 7.2 after few hours and when i saw most of content is time gated i unsubbed and i will not renew my subscription.

I am very sorry but i really don't want to wait for 1 or 2 quests per month to advance into 7.2
World quests number is low, shards only drops in minor numbers, so i will not run around grinding like mad.

I am sorry but renewing was a mistake, i will be sure not to make same mistake again.
Why is everyone complaning about the way it is working out on 7.2.
They are giving raiders and players whom are coming back a chance to raid Nighthold and progress threw it without having to worry about a new raid right off the back.

Like people there is still alot to do yes i know it's a pain waiting for the new quests and such, but you have more things to do while the weeks just fly in.

Mythic + dungeons
Gearing up alts ( and this patch makes it so easy to gear)

I have been playing for a long time also in WoW and yeah i understand people are getting tired of waiting. But everyone knows it will all come soon.

Just sit tight and enjoy yourselfs.
A few story quests and 3 wq for a day or 2 days?.. I don't know. But, great content Blizzard. Now, I'm just staying AFK in Broken Shore. Best event ever.

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