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Earlier this evening we killed Elisande on Heroic but this was with some weird bug that kept wiping us.

It starts with DBM yelling rings will come and you die 5-6 secs before they spawn. then 5-6 secs later they actually spawn like they should.

The way around this was to hug the blue slowing sphere. But it took us a few tries to figure that out.
We had the same bug last night, i have put in a bug report too.
Same issue confirmed on HC.
Hello everyone,

This is a known issue with the Elisande encounter. It will be fixed very very soon. apologies for any frustration.

Take care.

Help me get to Exalted with the Blizzard faction
Is this fixed yet?
30/03/2017 18:02Posted by Thermogenic
Is this fixed yet?

seems like not yet, i tried it few times 30 mins ago but im sure it will be fixed soon.
30/03/2017 18:02Posted by Thermogenic
Is this fixed yet?

F*** you
When will it be fixed? Itching to get going again
when is very very soon? :( we wanted to progress on hc gul'dan today, but we can't even get past Elisande
yer gg bliz we wiping on her currently and we wanted to do guldan today see if we could kill him
"very very soon"... like the soon of fixing DH fel rush disconnects? It's been 6 months and no fix for that.

It's already been over 2 days.
We just killed the Boss on heroic with this bug active.
I died every single try and also noticed that only people die which used some fast movement skills (teleport etc)
I removed my teleport skill and never died again.

Luck? Some internal character coordinates bugged? Maybe some can try this.
Was still borked at 11 server lastnight. As long as its sorted by Tuesday (cos thats when we go back to finish up.....

Same as a few others here, we were intending to push Gul'Dan lastnight but this kind of spannered that.
Patch-Day-Blues are now Patch-Week-Blues I guess.

Ho hum.

Let us know when its fixed please.
they had a server shutdown last night so I think it may have been resolved but if you bloodlust in p2 then you will be fine as p3 isn't bugged
It's a known bug from Tuesday, today it's Friday, what do you mean when you say...
30/03/2017 15:16Posted by Kraykore
It will be fixed very very soon.



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