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Twisting Nether
Hey guys to be honest I am tired of playing alone and I don't like doing things with pugs most of the time so that's why I am looking for new home and friends to play with to feel like playing MMO again :) I am 21 guy from Czech republic with decent knowledge of English (I hope) I understand almost everything and can read everything but I am shy if I have to talk. I am playing wow for like year a half and never was in a serious guild. I would like to find some serious guild with serious people that raid at least 2days a week. I can play almost every day up to 1 am. I don't have a lot of experience but I am a fast learner and dedicated player that would like to achieve something. It would be great to find guild that is doing pvp and other fun activies aswell as a whole. I have 110 DK 895ilvl, DH 870ilvl, 110 rogue and druid with pretty low ilvl I wasn't really active on them. I know these ilvls suck but I wasn't doing any M+ really because I don't like pugs. I hope to get some interesting offers and see ya :)

10/10 NH HC, can organize a few N runs to get you up to par with the rest of the guild.
Hi Rauzje

We are looking for a Death Knight to join our core. Our progress is 10/10HC and we are recruiting for mythic progression.

Our raid days are: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday (optional) from 8pm-11pm ST.
We use DKP loot system. If you would like to chat more you can whisper me in-game: Jaidex-Twisting Nether or feel free to add me: Jaidex#2832
again looking for guild
Still looking for a guild since TOS is there. I will be okay with guild that is doing N/HC runs but focuses on Mythic with main roster. I am bored of pugs and random peeps..I want to find some friends to do M+ with, BG's with and to have fun.

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